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10 Real Ways To Remake Sneakers

Sneakers will never go out of style, as they blend perfectly with jeans or other clothes. But it happens that ordinary sneakers bother, and you want something new, but not enough finance. But do not despair, because there is always a way out! diyhometalk offers 10 real ways to remake sneakers using improvised tools and make them original and fashionable!

DIY sneakers

1. Sequins

With sparkles, you’ll transform sneakers.

Material Required:

  • PVA glue.
  • masking paper.
  • Gold sparkles (about 50 grams).
  • a little sponge.

Place old newspapers inside the sneaker, and tape over the places you don’t want to hide with sequins. Mix glitter with PVA glue. Cut a bit of sponge and begin applying a mix of glue and sparkles to the sneakers. await the mixture to dry, then add another layer as desired.

2. Sequins

Another possible way to remake sneakers is sequins. This project would require a touch more patience and time, but you’ll just like the result.

Material Required:

  • Sequins.
  • Thread and needle.
  • Band-aid or thimble.

It’s best to hide your fingers with a band-aid or use a thimble because it is going to be quite difficult to flash a needle through dense material. Sequins got to be sewn one by one to the sneakers until you cover the whole desired area.

3. Sequins and rivets

Another possible way to use sequins and rivets to embellish a sneaker.

Material Required:

  • Silver sparkles.
  • Silver rivets.
  • Glue.
  • Scotch.
  • Sponge.
  • Old newspapers.

Remove the laces and place old newspapers or plastic bags inside the sneaker. Tape the only of the sneaker with tape. Attach the rivets with glue to the sneakers and press firmly. Mix glue with sparkles and sponge apply on the remainder of the sneaker.

4. Ombre

The fading effect remains in fashion and is employed in everything from clothing to manicure and hair.

Material Required:

  • Orange or yellow paint.
  • White sneakers.
  • Soda.
  • Toothbrush.

How to decorate sneakers

5. Zebra pattern

Remove the laces and immerse the front of the sneaker 1/3 within the paint. Wet a cloth and spread the paint with a cloth. Hang to dry the paint. After drying, clean the only with water and soda.

Material Required:

  • Black paint.
  • Sequins (optional).
  • Scotch.
  • Old newspapers.

Place old newspapers inside the sneaker. Cut pieces of tape into long strips of arbitrary shape and glue the sneaker to the surface. Tape over the only. Then paint the shoes with black blacking and let it dry. then, remove the tape, and you’ve got a zebra drawing ready.

6. Galaxy

Material Required:

  • Paints. Sponges.
  • Tassels.
  • Sealing Spray.
  • Glitter paint.

Tape the only with tape. Use a sponge or brush to use paints of various colors on the sneakers. to make the effect of a starry sky, take a touch white paint on the toothbrush and spray it on the surface together with your finger (you also can apply paint with sparkles). After drying, apply a sealing spray.

Beautiful sneakers

7. Geometric Design

Material Required:

  1. Marker for cloth.
  2. Scotch tape (optional).

Remove the shoelaces. With a cloth marker, begin to draw a herringbone pattern. to form the image even, use tape.

8. Here is another possible way to decorate sneakers with multi-colored markers.

9. Ribbons

you’ll try replacing the laces on sneakers or sneakers with beautiful ribbons.

10. Lace sneakers

Material Required:

  1. Lace
  2. Fabric Adhesive
  3. Scissors

Cover the surface of the sneaker with glue and glue the lace on top. stop excess parts with scissors.

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