10 Top Unusual Design Of Fireplaces

Not goodbye ago, two designers from Australia presented their unusual design for brand spanking new Age style fireplaces. The foremost interesting within the design of fireplaces is fire because it seems that it burns by itself. Just unbelievable!

Designers were inspired by the effect of fire, as a result of which the thought of creating such unusual fireplaces was born. They wondered the way to transfer fire into space, and that they did it alongside this, they solved all the issues related to soot, ash and therefore the presence of a chimney.

A fireplace with an open facade is suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere.

With this “open fire,” you’ll impress friends and colleagues


Autonomous fireplaces allow you to rework any, even the foremost modest room into an area filled with romance

watching such an indoor, Bond films are recalled

An open flame right your home bar will make an enduring impression on your friends

Creative bedroom interior option

A hearth within the sort of a vase creates a comfortable light and fits on any, even a little table

Several compact fireplaces installed within the hotel lobby will surely be remembered by visitors.

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