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11 Ideas For Expanding The Space Of A Children’s Room

The appearance of a baby is an ambiguous event. This is both a great joy and a lot of problems. If you live in a small apartment, then you will be greatly disappointed by the lack of space for children’s things, the number of which will grow like a snowball. We offer unique ideas for expanding the space of a children’s room, which will help to rationally use every centimeter of space.

Toy baskets

Hanging baskets for toys is a practical idea. Do not interfere with cleaning, toys are kept clean and tidy.

Optimize Niche Space

A niche will help hide a lot and expand the space of a child’s room

Board for placing holders and hooks

Use a perforated board to place holders and hooks for various essential items.

Improvised means for storing small things

Simple hanging structures for storing small items will help organize order, including in the nursery.

Chest of drawers for baby clothes and changing table 2 in 1

Use ordinary pieces of furniture in an unusual way. A chest of drawers for children’s things can also be a changing table.

Ordinary shelving

Use wall space wisely. Ordinary shelving will help to reasonably organize child care.

Shelves for extra storage

Do not forget about the shelves under the ceiling. There you can put items that are used infrequently.

Small chest of drawers for children’s things

It is not necessary to buy children’s furniture sets. For the first years of life, a small chest of drawers is quite enough.

Funny organizer for care products

To prevent perpetual mess on the changing table, do not be too lazy to sew a fun organizer for care products.

Folding changing table

Build a folding changing table. It will be a great idea to expand the space of a child’s room.

Beautiful drawers for children’s things under the bed

The bed takes up a lot of space, but the place under it is a sin not to use it. Build a drawer on wheels, and if such a task is beyond your power, just put beautiful boxes for children’s things under the bed.

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