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12 Top Ideas To Decorate A Blank Wall

Do you have an enormous blank wall up your house? you are doing not got to cover it with anything because this is often an enormous scope for creative people. You’ll lay it with brick or stone, or decorate it with an ingenious decoration that reflects your interests.

And if you continue to haven’t decided the way to decorate an empty wall on your home, don’t despair. DIYhometalk.com will share with you excellent ideas that will inspire you to be creative.

Brick, Stone, Concrete

The brick wall attracts attention and brings a special atmosphere to space. The white brick wall is particularly stylish. It’s suitable for Scandinavian, modern, industrial or minimalist interiors. Brick, however, requires large, tall and spacious rooms. In small rooms, it can overwhelm and further reduce the inside. Similarly with stone and concrete. Yes, it’s fashionable and goes well with modern furniture, but their gray color excess is often suppressing. And yet, if you continue to want to possess a concrete wall up a little room, then choose the lightest shades.


Wooden walls also can be modern. The tree reminds us of nature, makes the inside warm and comfy, and therefore the look of knots and rings of wood is extremely calming. In modern arrangements, whole boards are used, not narrow planks. And such an ornament on the wall, suitable for any room, even the foremost modern.


The fashion for wallpapers of varied textures and patterns has returned. However, not for the whole room, but just for a part of the wall. In modern interiors, you’ll place photo wallpaper but take care before sticking them to the wall, expand and check how it’ll look generally. Murals can play a cruel joke, and completely change the space from big to small, and from modern pretentious. In modern interiors, wallpapers with buildings, for instance, with the Eiffel Tower, look good.

Frames and Bicycles

The easiest thanks to decorating a smooth wall with paintings. However, if you are doing not have a true work of art, don’t hang a reproduction of Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Empty frames will look better! Old movie posters also are trendy. The small print that characterizes your tastes looks great on an outsized wall, like a wheel, hat or map.

1: Framed Wallpaper

Instead of covering the whole wall with both, glue them in some places, and frame them with a plaque, painting it to match the color of the wall. It’s both a contemporary and classy decor of an empty wall up the front room.

2: Mini Gallery

The mini gallery of photographs in black frames on the concrete wall looks great.

3: Shelves

Shelves also can be used as wall decorations. Small, decorative shapes will help create a stimulating spatial composition.

4: Cardboard Boxes

Wall decoration is often cardboard boxes of various sizes, painted in various colors.

5: Bike

You can immediately see the interests of the owner of this apartment!

6: Uneven Stone

An uneven fence immediately transforms the inside.

7: Huge Picture

The decoration of this contemporary interior may be a huge painting on a white wall.

8: Double Composition

Artistic frames and red empty frames fill an outsized space of this interior.

9: Concrete in The Bedroom

Concrete within the bedroom? Why not?

10: Redbrick

The red brick on the wall contrasts perfectly with the white staircase.

11: Wood Panels

Wood panels will warm any interior.

12: Photo Wallpaper

Funny photo wallpapers won’t leave anyone indifferent.

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