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14 Coziest Bedrooms with Fireplace

It’s quite cold outside and it’s time to curl up in some cozy nook by the fire with a cup of tea. A bedroom with a fireplace is perhaps the most comfortable place. Where you can lie in bed enjoying the beautiful tongues of flame and relax after a long day or wake up with pleasure.  Any bedroom decor will become warmer and more comfortable with a fireplace from delicate feminine decor to stylish male. Here are 14 Coziest Bedrooms with Fireplace.
See all cozy bedrooms with fireplaces below.

Design of a snow-white bedroom with a fireplace

Cozy bedroom with fireplace with high ceilings

Cozy large fireplace in the bedroom

Very large and cozy bedroom with fireplace

Black fireplace in a white bedroom

Cozy bedroom with fireplace for men

Magic bedroom with fireplace

Bedroom with rustic fireplace

Unusual bed in the bedroom with fireplace

Fireplace in a stone wall

Classic bedroom interior with fireplace

Bedroom in pastel colors with fireplace

Bedroom design with a high bed

Luxurious bedroom with a cozy fireplace

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