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5 organizers of letters and keys to place at the entrance of the house and keep everything in one place

An accessory that will make your departures and arrivals home easier.

Keeping your house organized is not such a simple task but if it is very necessary, it already allows you to make a good impression and avoid headaches. The organizers of keys and documents are a good option to keep everything in one place at the entrance of your house, so you no longer have to worry about losing your keys and documents, since you can always find them in their right place. That is why we invite you to take a look at the different organizers that we will show you below, which will also give a decorative and striking touch to your home.

1. Key and letter organizer

This is an organizer made of stainless bronze wires. It has 5 hooks to hang the keys and a large basket to store any type of object.

Ideal to make the most of your wall space. The hooks are also useful for hanging any type of clothing without being damaged. Perfect to keep the organization inside your home.

2. Wooden drawer with vintage style

It is an organizer with 4 hooks to hang your keys or clothing. A piece of furniture made of wood that has the perfect size to organize all kinds of documents printed in official size.

It is ideal for keeping papers and envelopes organized as it has a large compartment and is easy to mount on the wall. It will give a vintage and rustic style to your home.

3. Shock-resistant mailbox for entry

This is an organizer made of shock-resistant plastic. An easy piece to mount on your wall and has a basket. 5 hooks where you can squeeze keys, umbrellas, and accessories.

With a minimalist design that will complement the decoration of your home and allow you to take full advantage of the space of the wall.

4. Organizing piece for wall with modern design

This is a completely handmade MDF organizer. It can support up to 15 pounds and is equipped with 3 metal hooks and 2 slots to store your mail.

It has a modern style that will adapt to any space and decoration. It is perfect to have it next to your entrance door, and thus make it much easier when you leave home.

5. Steel Decorative Basket

Made entirely of sturdy and stainless steel with a glossy black finish. Despite its small size, it has a spacious basket and 5 hooks. 

An organizer that decorates your home. While allowing you to organize your keys, mail, coats and electronic devices in a single space.

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