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8 Amazing Ways to Turn Pickle Jars Into Home Decor!

Many of us throughout our pickle jars when this jar was empty with a pickle.So no more you are throughout your pickle jars because today I gonna show you how you can turn your empty jars with an amazing look.The whole project I will guide you step by step this whole project was very easy and they require only one hour to turn your useless pickle jars into an amazing look.This project was not expansive.


Materials I used for making this project:

  • Vinegar

  • Mod Podge

  • Candle Sticks from Dollar Store

  • Paint of Chalkboard

  • Pliers

  • Dispenser of Soap

  • LED Tea Lights

  • Pickles

  • Food Coloring

  • Brush for Paint

  • Bands of Rubber

  • Spraypaint for Krylon Looking Glass

  • Electric Drill(i use electrict drill but you use any drill)

  • Disposable Cookie Sheet

  • Cabinet Knobs

Get pickle jars with any size which is laying around in your home.

First of all, you put off the label of pickle to jars by soaking the full of sink with a little warm water and then add one cup of the vinegar to it.When labels are off to the jars than wash the whole jars for sure that the jars are totally clean.

Now you grab some of the candlesticks and glue to the dollar store.You can use any of your glue but I use E6000 glue to the dollar stores.Than in pickle jas press down some of the candle stick and wait for a night to allow ar make sure that glue hardens.

In next step get any of your spray bottle to mix them an equal quantity of vinegar and water.

In this step, you spray begin to the Krylon Looking Glass Spray paint and after that immediately you spray to the mixture of vinegar or water and then blot it with a paper towel.That gives an amazing mercury look to glass.

Then remove the lid of the pickle jar and on the top of lid drill a hole to a knob ar add cabinet knob on it.

We make it now you add this to any of your desire in your home withstand back and show people to admire your amazing work.

Now we start our second project before you start first of all you need a large size of a pickle jar.Then in front of the pickle jar, you apply some tape for masking in any of your desired shapes.After taping you add chalkboard paint and then peel it.

In the second step, you put off the lid and drill a hole in the middle than add some of the black paint.

The final step you add cabinet knob on it.

Now you decorate it any of your desired places in your home to spice up to the any of corner of toilet and kitchen.

It’s time to start our third project in this project first of all with the help of a disposable sheet of cookie you can measure the height of pickle jar by laying it in the jar.

Now a long strip of cookie sheet you cut and using nail you poke holes in it.

In final step you roll up strip into a jar and add some LED tea light after that you screw back the lid on it.

Above image shows you an amazing star later.Which is perfect in the night for the light of Kitchen, toilet and on kid’s rooms…

5 more ideas are waiting for the video so check it out.

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