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12 Creative Things For The Bathroom

A bathroom is an area that we constantly encounter, and so you don’t get tired of seeing your bathroom. You need to constantly make any changes, even small ones, that will bring variety and functionality to your daily stay in the bathroom. Especially for these changes, there are more and more all kinds of various gadgets and useful things for the bathroom. Here is a photo review of useful, functional, and at the same time funny bathroom fixtures. They are designed to make life easier and create more comfortable conditions for carrying out water procedures.

Human nose shower gel dispenser

Just squeezes or push and the shower gel will start to flow from one of the nostrils of the device. And nasty and funny at the same time! The 23 cm rubber construction is mounted on a flat surface with a suction cup. It is easy to press, and the gel volume in the container is 150 grams.

Stopper for a bathtub “Goldfish”

Taking a bath is so pleasant and relaxing, especially when you are in a good mood. But after a while, the water in the bathroom gets cooler, and it’s time to get out with regret. To prevent this from happening, get this cute device. Flushing will be much more fun. The cork closes any hole. Not a single fish was harmed in the production of the product. Cork height 9 cm to the tail.

Toothpaste squeezer

Are you one of those people who are nervous if someone squeezed a toothpaste in the middle? And you put the tube on the edge of the sink and press to make it easier to squeeze out the remaining contents or cut it and with a toothbrush trying to collect the rest of the paste? In this case, you need a special tube compressor. It is a plastic device for twisting and pressing. With it, you can squeeze the entire tube to the end without any problems.

Hand towel and towel holder

This simple invention, if you hang it in your bathroom or in the kitchen, will make you and your guests smile on your face every time you and they look at it. The holder is mounted on the wall with a bolt or double-sided tape (all included).

Anti-slip Banana Bath Skin

In the bathroom, you can easily slip and fall, so a banana skin with anti-slip properties should be installed in the bath or in the shower cubicle under your feet. It turns out that bananas are not only good for our health when we eat them, but they can also save our lives. In each package, which costs $ 6, there are three copies of such stickers. The creators of this invention are Ivan Duvall and Jean-Sebastian Eid from the creative company Atypyk Paris.

Goatee Shaving Shape

Do you want to have a perfect goatee after shaving? Then buy a special form for this. We put it on the mouth and chin and boldly shave along the contours of the form. Scott Bunge created this clever fixture for men, inspired by the image of Hannibal Lecturer.

Automatic Toothpaste Toothbrush

The automatic toothpaste toothbrush is based on revolutionary technologies that deliver the toothpaste automatically at the touch of a button, directly to the bristles. The brush consists of a holder, a head and a middle part, where the toothpaste feed control is located, there is also a motor and a container with toothpaste. The second motor, which is activated by pressing the button again, controls the brush head. The brush runs on batteries.

Duck ducks

A yellow rubber duck is popular at all times. But if you are tired that she does not know how to do anything, but only squeak when squeezing, then you should pay attention to the original ducks, which change their color when in contact with warm or cool water. In addition, they can sing – in their arsenal of 5 songs in duck language. Ducks also know how to blink their eyes. A special advantage is the ability to splash. A small duck can release water from its head, but it is not a whale! Although this option is not functional, it’s fun.

Light temperature sensors for shower

Green, red and blue light sensors mounted on the showerhead respond to changes in water temperature. The red indicator lights up when the water temperature is above 46 degrees to warn you of the possibility of a burn. No batteries needed, the device is suitable for all types of showers. It is driven by the water itself, indicators turn on automatically.

Manual mirror cleaner in the bathroom

Is the mirror in your bathroom again fogged up? Just clean it with a new invention. This manual “razor” does not shave but cleans. In the kit, there is a suction cup on which you can attach this cleaner directly to a mirror or tile.

Toilet light

An innovative solution for those who go to bed at night to sleep. The LavNav toilet light turns on when you are approaching in the dark and turns off when you leave. Now the toilet will be easier to find in the dark without dazzling yourself with the light on. The system is equipped with special sensors for movement and raising and lowering the lid. If the red light is on, the lid is up, and the green is down.

Soap bubble brush

Well, if you are already completely bored with taking a shower in the bathroom, we present a brush with a built-in device for inflating soap bubbles, which is installed right in the center. Have fun in the bathroom yourself or give children the opportunity to indulge, taking water procedures will be a fun activity for them! Enjoy Your Bath!

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