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Decorative Stone In The Interior

Decorative stone in the interior is a great way to give it uniqueness, uniqueness, and sophistication. The versatility of the stone allows it to be used in any room, both in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and in sanitary facilities.

Decorative stone production process

The process of creating artificial stone takes place in several stages. First, a composite mixture is created from polymer and ground natural materials. Then this mixture under pressure and at elevated temperature is poured into prepared molds and pressed to obtain the desired product. At the same time, you can get almost any color and texture of the finished stone, both imitating natural and deliberately “artificial”, vibrant designers use them to create interiors of modern style directions.

When decorating with decorative stone, the following varieties of artificial material are most often used:

  • Porcelain tile obtained from clay, quartz sand, feldspar and water by the method of semi-dry pressing and subsequent firing.
  • Agglomerate a mixture of natural quartz (91 – 93%), polyester resins and color pigments.
  • Decorative cast stone a material based on cement with the addition of dyes and minerals is practical and low price.

The advantages of decorative stone

Decorating an interior with decorative stone has advantages due to its properties:

  • It is a material resistant to mechanical stress. It is difficult to scratch or split so that they can finish those parts of the premises that easily lose their appearance (door portals, thresholds, protruding corners of the walls).
  • High abrasion resistance leads to high durability.
  • The material is fireproof, it does not burn under any conditions.
  • Artificial stone does not emit toxic substances into the air, it is safe for human health and the environment. The material withstands large temperature differences, which allows it to be used in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Artificial stone is resistant to mold and fungus infection.
  • This is a fairly lightweight material, which eliminates the additional strengthening of the wall before finishing.
  • Artificial decorative stone in the interior retains its aesthetic appeal for a long time. Maintenance is simple cleaning with a damp cloth as it gets dirty, detergents can also be used.
  • The material has a wide gamut of colors and textures, allowing you to choose the necessary option for decorating almost any interior in any possible style from classic to hi-tech.

The use of artificial stone as a material for decorating a room allows not only to give its originality and expressiveness but also to further improve functionality, as well as maintain an attractive and neat appearance for a long time without repair.

Decorative stone in the interior

Kitchen, living room, hallway or loggia. Any room can be decorated with the decoration of the interior with decorative stone. It will help to divide the room into functional zones, or to combine parts of the room that are different in purpose into one semantic whole. For example, the kitchen and living room areas can be divided by an arch or artificial stone partition.

Living room

If the living room has a fireplace, then it is usually trimmed with stone. This is a beautiful and traditional solution. In the cold season, the stones are heated by the fire of the fireplace, and then for a long time, they give off heat to the surrounding space. In hot summers, they heat up very slowly and keep the room cool.

Artificial decorative stone in the interior of living rooms is used to decorate fireplace portals, mantelpieces, shelving, arched and niche structures. They also make window sills, console tables, and other interior items from it.


Stone is one of the best materials for decorating a kitchen. It looks exquisite, it is easy to care for, it can be used to make a countertop of any shape, including with a built-in sink, and the countertop can include a windowsill and all this will be one whole. Not only countertops are made of stone, but also aprons, bar counters, niches and other elements of the kitchen.


In some styles, such as country or eco-style, interior decoration with decorative stone is used even in bedrooms. At the same time, it is used on one wall, most often at the head of the bed.

Entrance Area

The entrance hall is the place where the use of stone in interior design is justifiable. Stone decoration will last a long time without changing the appearance. In the event that the hallway is large, it will be decorated with stone columns and arches.

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