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DIY Easter Candles in The Shape Of Eggs

Today we would like to share with you the thought of the way to make Easter candles within the shape of eggs together with your own hands. Such original candles won’t only create festive decor but also will decorate any Easter table. Using our detailed instructions, you’ll make colorful and fragrant Easter candles together with your own hands, and it doesn’t take you much time and energy to make such colorful decor.

So, the required material for creating Easter candles within the shape of eggs:

  • A few empty eggshells.
  • Paraffin flakes.
  • Several candle wicks.
  • Parchment paper.
  • Paper cups.
  • Wax crayons.
  • Essential oils (optional).

The primary step is to organize the eggshell, freeing it from the contents inside (blow through a little hole within the apex). If you would like big Easter candles, you ought to take the duck eggs.

Next, you would like to grind one crayon into small crumbs and divide it in half into two paper cups. Then you would like to fill them with paraffin flakes and place them within the microwave for heating. a few times, the mass should completely melt. you’ll add any aromatic oil, while quickly stirring until smooth.

Place the wick for the Easter candle inside the shell, along its wall. then, attempt to quickly pour the molten wax into rock bottom and a part of the wick within the shell. Pour a little amount of molten mass onto parchment, pressing rock bottom of the shell with the wick to the drop. Wait until the wax has completely hardened because this may make it easier for you to figure with eggshells.

Before pouring the remaining molten wax, confirm that it cools down a touch, otherwise, the mass will melt the frozen base inside the shell and slide the wick glued to the wall. After filling in one shell, repeat steps 1 to 4, using other colors of pencils.

Thus, when the molten paraffin (or wax) inside completely hardens (it will take approximately 3–3.5 hours).

You’ll carefully remove the shell, cut the wicks and lightweight your Easter candles.

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