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DIY Magical Snowy Mason Jar Craft & Gift Tags

Hello Crafter!Today we make magical mason snowy jars using Epsom salt you can show little magic craft with snowy mason jars to your home to the old fashion.Children also help you to make this amazing mimic salt of salt.That’s all process was very safe for all of us even children.You can also put a battery operated candle or real candle on it after you finished the whole process and make it perfect.Then you can show it to your fireplace mental and windows, or it’s good if you can give them to your friend to the holiday gift, Party gift, Christmas gift and also on new year gift.That all process was very cheap and unique all of your friend and neighbors love this gift.

Material Snow Mason Jar Craft

Not For Salt: You all are now that’s salt has many shapes.Some of the salt shapes are Ice looking and crystal or some other type is which is we used is the flaky shape.The all of the salt shapes is safe for eaten but all of this is fall off to the jars in a bit for making project you can use the clear acrylic sealer if it helps to prevent the desired.

First of all get all of your material.In the below images I show the all of my material which is I use for making the whole project of a snowy mason jar.In the below image you can see my jar which is quart size but when I finished my project with the help of pint size.

This is the shape of Epsom salt which is I used in this project you already know Epsom salt has many textures.In the below images Epsom salt place in the cup for the sprinkle.

Now I clean my jar for put on the paper plate and clean the jar very quickly.

Now your mod podge your brush to all sides of the jar with a heavy coat.

It up to you makes sure to curved and bottom part of the jar required heavy area which is used an extra or heavy coat of brush to clean it.

Now I sprinkle my Epsom salt to the jar turning all of the jar sides.

The extra of salt dump back into the salt packet to use for some other jar project.

Now you cut any of your desired shape leap patterns but I cut holly leaves shape of my leaf.

Glue the leaf where you cut it and make it to curved effect.

Using twine all around the jar to wrap it then glue the two holly leaves to underneath the jar to show it tie.The example of this process given in images below.

Glue any color of pom poms berries but I use red color in my project.

Choose any type of tag which is you like if you give your jar to gift someone.

Attaching some beautiful color ribbon to your tag.

Now you add your tag to the jar to give someone special.

Then add any of battery operated and real candle to your jar to show it beautiful display.

That’s all we finished our project you can gift it to your beloved one and happy holidays.

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