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DIY Tea Cart Touch Up

One day one of my best friends asked me I want some tea chart than she getting rid of.She asked me this on Christmas time I immediately tell him to yes I will do it.I also tell him that was great but doing this we need some color for fun.These whole processes take only 3 hours and it’s not expansive you should do it only in $30.

In above image, you can see my table.This looking very great but needed to refresh for making this I grabbed different paint and start my work.

Materials used for this project:

For your better guidance, I will post the list of my material that helps you a lot

  • Water-based Minwax polycrylic

  • Wooden Tea cart

  • Waverly chalk paint (Walmart)


First of all, you get a water, vinegar and spritzer bottle for the purpose of a wipe down all the project before doing it on your hand and get it to goobies off.That’s was very efficient and it was not a toxic.

Now you can freshened this in my condition I start freshened to the bottom with the help of crisp white.After freshened now I paint the top with red coral color.You can paint it any of your desired paint.

That’s all we finished our project.At the end, that looks an amazing or really fun to the color.

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