DIY Tutorial of Rattan Storage Basket


We often use storage baskets when organizing things in life. Today we will practice how to weave storage baskets with bamboo and rattan.

Rattan weaving is a traditional practical handicraft, which generally needs to go through rattan beating (removing the knots on the rattan), picking rattan, washing rattan, drying rattan, pulling rattan, pulling rattan (planing rattan), peeling rattan, bleaching, dyeing, and weaving. , Paint, and more than a dozen processes.

Step-by-Step Complete Tutorial

However, the DIY tutorial of the beautiful rattan storage basket that the editor will share below does not need to be so complicated, and the processed rattan is directly used for weaving.

1. Cut rattans of about the same length. Soak in warm water for about an hour, then take it out to get rid of the water on the rattan.

2. Detailed explanation of rattan storage basket tutorial manual rattan storage basket DIY illustration

3. Here is a demonstration of making a square storage basket. So the length and number of rattans in both horizontal and vertical directions are 7, and the length is determined according to the size of the desired storage basket.

4. Arrange the 7 rattans closely and fix them with adhesive tape.

5. Start to weave the bottom of the storage basket horizontally.

6. Interweave to create a square bottom.

7. The rattan is very flexible, even if it is folded like this, it will not break.

8. Fold all the rattan on the bottom edge like this

9. Start weaving the sides of the storage basket

10. Weave the sides of the storage basket.

11. A ruler is indispensable, and it is often used in the process of weaving baskets.

12. The storage basket appears.

13. The side is a woven storage basket.

14. Begin the finishing touches by inserting the excess rattan into the braided rattan.

15. In order to increase the strength of the basket, add a rattan inside.

16. The extra part is also inserted into the rattan.

A simple, convenient, and practical storage basket is complete


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