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DIY Wooden Sleigh

Last year from a garage sale I bought vintage wooden sleigh. Every one of this wanted me to start one of another looking from one of them and me already now that it was impossible to find wooden sleigh to one of them all. Then I decided to start building it and now you can build another one is too with wood. This whole process of this project DIY Wooden sleigh was complete only in one hour and it will cost only thirty dollars the difficulty of this project making is medium.

Suggested materials Use in Project:

DIY Wooden Sleigh:

  1. Nail gun

  2. Measure Tape

  3. Hammer

  4. Wood Stain

  5. Black+Decker M1850BD 7-1/4″

  6. Wood Glue

  7. Nails

  8. Red Paint

  9. Pieces of wood 3, 1″x4″x8′

Step one: Cut your wood first piece into the half directly and it will about 48″ of each piece. Then cut their both ends in a 45-degree angle to the two of runners.

Step Two: Now cut this support braces both two of a straight piece is 13″ long.

Step Three: Than cut another one of its pieces to straight of wood at 18″ Wrong on top of a crossbar.

DIY Wooden Sleigh

Step Four: Now prepare your top part of a sled to cut the wood into a piece of three. Two of its piece was 30″ and one of it piece was 33″.Both piece of 30″ was cut to the ends of 45 degrees of angles to opposite to its directions.

Step Five: The All corner of 33″ piece was cut to the dog ears.

Step Six: Paint all of the running boards in any color which you want but I paint it to red color.

Step Seven: Now stain to your all another piece of wood to the same color of red or paint it the same color which is you see in my images.

Step Eight: It is the last step in this step we start sled assembling. Place two of your runners to down flat to the table and lay it 13″ beams support across the top of it. Secure all of them to the nails and wood glue.

Then doing the same method attach the top of the crossbar.

Now again secure your seat sleigh to nails with wood and glue and then put in the middle of a longer piece with two shorter pieces to its side. For your better guidance, I will also put the whole process video which is below and I hope you will don’t forgot to subscribe our Youtube channel for more amazing DIY Craft Video.

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