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Fashion Trends In Interior Of Apartments

Interior decoration, whether it be a private house or apartment, allows owners to demonstrate their taste and style preferences to others. What fashion trends in the interior of 2019 deserve attention?

Fashionable interiors

The fashion trends of the next two years, according to designers, will be the use of simplicity, environmental friendliness, restrained luxury and comfort. Since the main purpose of the apartment is the convenience and safety of the residents living in it, massive furniture, artificial textures, and pathos splendor of decor elements become a thing of the past. It’s better to get rid of all this, but saving on household appliances is not worth it, as it is designed to make our lives easier.

Natural stone (marble, onyx, granite, agate) or its high-quality imitation, stone carving in various forms are actively used. The hit of the season is complex geometric prints on marble.

The second most popular in the rating of building materials will be metal, which is used not only in elements of plumbing but also in furniture, it’s edging, panels. Glossy metallic luster will make the interior refined and fashionable. For lovers of cool shades, designers recommend the use of chrome and silver, perfectly reflecting white light. Suitable for hi-tech, Scandinavian, minimalist styles.

To add coziness, warmth, copper, brass, and gilding are more suitable. Perfectly fit into the classic interior.

Such a favorite cork does not give up its positions in 2019, and its manifestations are relevant everywhere the facade of furniture cabinets, wall decoration. The tree, which in modern design is used in its natural form, without large layers of varnish and paint, does not lose its relevance.

The most relevant styles of the fashionable interior in 2019 remain:

  • Hi-Tech
  • Scandinavian
  • French
  • Minimalism
  • Cuban (Mexican)
  • Bohemian ( eclectic, boho )
  • Retro

There are more and more supporters of breadth and comfort, which is why studio apartments that do not have a clear distinction between functional zones are gaining such popularity. The main thing is more air and less unnecessary furniture. For separation, you can use light glass partitions.

As for the color scheme, the trend is classic black and white, all shades of gray, blue, blue, marsala, emerald, terracotta, pink.

Fashionable Kitchen interior

In 2019, when decorating the kitchen interior, designers recommend using original stylistic solutions and vibrant colors, preferring red, blue, orange, yellow. To avoid oversaturation, using these shades you can perform zoning, for example, to shade one of the walls, and for contrast use the classic colors white, gray, beige, black.

Today, more and more owners prefer the sophisticated design of the kitchen space, which includes the use of modern materials, monochrome shades. The main conditions are a minimum of ergonomic furniture and a maximum of free space.

Retro style design is still relevant. It is characterized by vintage decor elements and accessories, bright-colored dishes, colorful ornament.

In the high-tech style, also often used in the design of kitchens, clear straight lines, all kinds of mechanisms for storing kitchen utensils, and a minimum of decor prevail. Household appliances must be hidden from prying eyes.

Fashionable Living Room interior

The basic principle of decorating living rooms in 2019 will be minimalism. The style with a minimum of furniture and accessories is characterized by elegance and at the same time restrained chic. All that is needed to successfully fill the living room is a furniture of an extremely simple form, preferably in the Scandinavian style, comfortable upholstered furniture. Stylish accents that give the room coziness will be a small round table and a couple of paintings.

Do not overload the space with complex decorative elements and bright colors. The most fashionable colors of the walls in 2019 are white, milky, light coffee, lemon. Such colors as light unpainted wood, cork, stone tub are perfectly combined with this color scheme.

Fashionable Bedroom interiors

When designing the interior of the bedroom, classic and minimalism are also increasingly used. Only the necessary amount of furniture (bedside tables, built-in wardrobe, dressing table). Beds with a soft headboard, which replaced the rough wooden beds, are very fashionable. For upholstery, expensive textures are used – velvet, velveteen, leather, and even silk. Such furniture will add a laconic interior to glamor and chic.

The actual color for decorating the walls will be warm yellow, filling the space with light, sunbeams and positive emotions.

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