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Home Laundry Interior Ideas

A home laundry consists of several components a washing machine, clothes dryer, baskets or containers, an ironing board, shelves or countertops for storing household chemicals or laundered laundry.

Using a niche to organize laundry in the interior

Laundry can be equipped in a separate room if housing allows. If there are restrictions in the free space, then the laundry is combined with other rooms. As a rule, this is a dressing room, study, kitchen or bathroom. If desired, the laundry can be equipped in any room, even in the living room or children’s room, it is enough to choose the right equipment and interior design. In this case, it is important to provide sound insulation.

Organized storage in the laundry cabinet

Even the balcony can be activated by placing cars one above the other. If there is still free space, then you can install shelves or racks.

Laundry interior with sink and window

The ergonomic arrangement of the laundry implies a competent arrangement of equipment and an arrangement hidden from prying eyes. For this, cabinets, curtains, partitions are used.

Wardrobe-laundry in the interior of the bathroom

When designing a laundry, the interior design should be given as much attention as it is important to consider the color combination to other rooms of the house or apartment. So light colors visually expand the space, raise the ceilings.

Separate laundry room with built-in furniture

A mini-office or a small office, combined with a utility room, is a good idea in case of insufficient free space. At the same time, you can functionally use the countertop placed by our machines, it is enough to supplement the situation with hanging shelves or a cabinet.

Separate closet for washing accessories

Hidden laundry in the closet

You can combine several zones at once, for example, a kitchen, laundry, and a study. This is a great choice for modern people who want to have time to do several things at once with minimal time.

Washing machines at the bottom of the kitchen sideboard

Small laundry room in the wall niche

Laundry room hid behind a sliding door

A small corner in the laundry house

Laundry sorting baskets

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