How To Choose A Bed For A Complete Person?


Being overweight often causes many inconveniences and health problems. Therefore, the selection of suitable bedroom furniture for people of a large weight category requires special attention. What did you need to consider when buying a bed for a complete person to sleep in it was comfortable and safe?

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

Design features

What does a person focus on when going to buy a bed? Almost on several important parameters:

  • Dimensions (length, width, height).
  • Strength of materials.
  • Permissible load.

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

It is generally believed that it is optimal for a calm and healthy sleep when the length exceeds the height of a person by at least 10-15 centimeters. And the width of the sleeping place of a double bed should allow each of the people sleeping on it to occupy no more than half the area of ​​the entire structure. Accordingly, the model should be as tall as possible in height. You can get acquainted with the characteristics and a detailed description of the various models of beds at this link.

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

Completeness adds to the list of criteria also the need to take into account the maximum allowable load on the product. A good option can be specialized beds for people of a large weight category. They differ in the reinforced frame and the presence of a solid wooden surface instead of the standard base of the rack type. Sometimes, to strengthen the strength of the structure, metal materials and lamellas made of wood are also used.

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

Varieties Of Mattresses

1. Spring-loaded

In this situation, it is very important that the mattress provides proper support for the spine. Experts recommend giving preference to models with maximum stiffness and with independent springs. They favorably fix the body of the sleeping person in a comfortable position, and also differ in durability and decent service life.

2. Orthopedic.

Typically, such models are designed for a weight of not more than 100 kg. Therefore, the “large” buyer is better to look at the model of the brand “maximum” or “plus”, with a large number of springs, due to which the product is able to withstand a more intense load.

2. Filler

As a suitable filler for overweight people, you can buy a design made of latex or coconut coir. You can also consider the option with orthopedic foam, which will be a little more attractive financially. At the same time, the recommended thickness of the mattress for a large person ranges from 18 to 26 cm, since thinner varieties can be uncomfortable.

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

Excess weight slightly limits the choice of bedroom furniture, since not every bed is designed for a heavy load. But there is a specialist in each salon. Who will give preliminary consultation and help you choose a reinforced structure with a reliable mattress.

Choose A Bed For A Complete Person

A careful approach will provide you with a very comfortable bed option that can serve for many years.


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