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How to Decorate Pumpkins With Nail Polish

Somedays Ago when I was thinking to decorate pumpkins ideas so then I remembering one of my technique which is I seen fr doing in nail polish. This whole tutorial was very easy and it will cost only five dollars and it required just ten minutes to complete the whole project. So when your nail polish was floating on the surface of the water so then you dip your all items into the water and pick up your desire color polish to make it very beautiful watercolor. I also do this in my coffee mugs so than I decided that was in great looking for pumpkin.you can make your nail polish pumpkin with your method but I make it with the help of some of my old collection of nail polish.

Suggested materials Use in Project:

How to Decorate Pumpkins With Nail Polish:

  1.  Home-it Nail Polish Holder Acrylic 5 Step Counter Display Holds Up 60 Bottles

  2.  Factory Direct Craft Package 

  3.  Large bowl with water

  4.  Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover

  5.  Excel if Ornate Wooden Toothpicks

First of all, you fill one of the desire size bowls into the water. Because the bowl of water depends on your pumpkin size.If your pumpkin is small so you use a small bowl but if your pumpkin was big so you use a big bowl. In another hand, you can also use one of your bucket or tub of storage.

In the second step now you pour some of your nail polish into the surface of the water in a bowl. You can do it fast because when it so I move quickly because the nail polish was starting to harden very quickly. So if you use two or more color than you will need some of the toothpicks to swirl gently around the polish.

So when your pumpkin in water so you roll your pumpkin through nail polish. When you do this so you see pumpkin how will pick up the straight polish off to water surface that’s why you can not roll your pumpkins. Here is we also post our whole project full video which is helping a lot for your guidance.

We also want some help to you DIY, So some of the important material which is used in this project is a direct link to their seller.DIY Hometalk may collect some of the small shares of this sale from this link to a page.


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