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How to Flock a Christmas Tree – Christmas DIY

A few Years ago I bought some amazing 7.5 foot Christmas tree for $70 in Black Friday All tree was good condition no one was wrong. So this year I wanted a flocked tree for Christmas.what is flocked tree? I thought some of yours don’t know about the flocked tree. So I will tell you what is flocked tree. This is one of the best trees which is a white snowy tree. Someone also offers me also ha good amount of this tree but I don’t satisfy for that so I ignore that. In this year I research something about a snowy white tree. After that, I decided to do something special for myself!

This is how my tree looked like before we will get started with the whole project. I cover the full tree with good fluff in good condition on my garage. In your condition, you will do the same with any place you will like it comfortable for your tree. The place of the tree where it is also neat and clean for inside and outside of it. The image of my tree is given below.

So now we will get started our whole project step by step. The first step is that your tree is not plugged with anything after sure that you will spray down the tree with water. That water removes all dust from your tree and flocks it to the stick tree. Now I used the ladder to start flocking tree to top to bottom. I use this step to flocking the tree but you can use your own wish to flocking the tree. The purpose of spraying is that to flocking the tree and remove it all sifted to the tree.

After I clear and coated many branches of the tree than I also could all tree branches. After could the all tree now I will once again spray the whole tree with water. This all water activates and I love it after there shape come amazingly. Then I need some space to fill that branches etc. Now I will spray the tree with some white paint. Now I will, again and again, spray that many time so that it looks like an amazing sprinkle glitter to the whole of the tree.

Now it is the last steps to the decoration. I hope you will like it for your better instruction I will also post a video which is given below hope its help you a lot and you like and subscribe our channel more Christmas DIY update thanks.

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