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How To Paint A Floor With A Tile Stencil

Pattern floors tiles are now super pricey and also very trendy nowadays.So don’t aside your tiles stencl dreams before you reading this amazing tutorial of painted floors.This whole project of How To Paint A Floor With A Tile Stencil was very easy and an adorable way which gives you a stylish look of your floor.
In this project of Paint A Floor With A Tile Stencil, we are introducing you Erika, which is created for DIYer from cutting the edge of your stencils.Erika was a tile builder beige.Which is longer for a pretty patterned floor to similar once you saw on her Instagram feed.So their budget was very tight So Erika immediately decided to stencil and paint her tiles of builder beige.This whole you can make in only Two days and it will cost only $100.There is no difficulty in this project this all process was easy.


First of all, they get all the material which is used for making this project. Now start all the steps for making this very easy project.

In Steps, one Erika cleans their floor by using (TSP) Savogran Trisodium Phosphate for ensuring that there is not any small amount of debris. Erika Followed the whole instruction of TSP package for cleaning the floor.

Now Erika used painter’s tape of blue color for tape along all edges of the floor. This process was ensuring that there is not get a single amount of paint on her trim. One the whole area of the floor was completely cleaned than Erika use stix waterborne of bonding primer by lnsl-x. Then using a roller foam to apply the paintbrush to paint along to all edges of it.
Now prepping and cleaning the floor to completing the floor of paint which is last to them for years.

Coat of two is a trick.STIX primer is perfect for this type of project. It will adhere to provide and tiles are the best base for stenciling and painting.

When the whole Primer was dry than Erika apply base coast of the paint. Erika painted all the base coat by using Benjamin Moore Ben flat in Navajo White.

After all doing! Now Erika is ready for starting stenciling. You can use any style of tiles but Erika uses stencil tile of Calisto. While Erika existing tiles was 12 inches, But Erika is used large pattern of stencil because it is fit to perfect over the tile size of her.

Than Erika Sprayed the whole back of his stencil by adhesive spray repositionable.If you like then you can do this step by stick it sprays to repositionable spray adhesive. You can also use any type of repositionable spray adhesive this was I found typically to craft store of like Michaels.

Now Erika placed their pattern of a stencil to the top of tiles. Erika rolled their foam roller to dense in the paint (Benjamin Moore New York State of Mind). Erika made this whole process was very sure to a roller which is evenly she coated and rolled off the excess of paint into a piece of towel paper. Then she paints the pattern of stencil into the roller.

When all of its section was complete Than she would tape this stencil and reposition it so Erika paints all of its tiles.

Erika applied each of its stencil patterns to two coats of blue paint but you use any of your desired paint colors. The dried their paint quickly so this was not slow to her down.

When all of the floors were stenciled than she applied Varethane waterbased polyurethane two coats for an increase this durability.

At the end give some time to the top of coats to dry after that you step back it to admire her beautiful work. We all think that Erika did amazing work for transforming beige tiles of a builder with the help of paint and stencil. So don’t you are all are agree?
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