How To Paint A Frame For A Picture?


If you purchased a ready-made unpainted baguette for an image, then you’ll paint it yourself, employing a shade paint that suits you, also as bronze and silver. You’ll use bronze powder, during this case, first, you would like to hide the baguette with varnish on an alkyd base or paint of an appropriate color, then apply bronze powder to the sticky varnish. Such a coating allows you to make a spectacular, golden or bronze appearance of the frame for paintings, but it’s short-lived, so additionallyyou would like to hide the powder with a layer of varnish.

How to paint a frame for a picture

To paint a baguette for paintings, bronze paint is usually used, which is sold ready-made. It also can be made up of bronze powder and animal oil or varnish.

How to paint a frame for a picture

You Can Achieve The Effect Of Aged Bronze:

If you initially paint the baguette during a dark color with matte paint. Next, the bronze paint must be sprayed, with sliding movements above the surface. All the protrusions on the baguette are going to be golden, and therefore the hollows will remain dark. So we get the effect of the old frame, with which the gilding got off.

How to paint a frame for a picture

Modern paints and technologies allow you to simulate the feel of wood. To try to do this, cover the baguette with white paint (a layer of soil), then dilute the coloring pigment within the varnish to the intensity that you simply require. The resulting paint is applied to employ a brush with hard bristles, which can scratch the paint layer, and a white base is going to be visible. To use the paint during this way, you would like certain skills, because the pattern of the tree will depend upon how the comb lies within the hand and what movements you apply the paint. With the right level of skill, you’ll independently create drawings of various wood textures.

How to paint a frame for a picture

There is Another Original Way Of Painting:

Cover the baguette with foil. First, the frame for the image must be varnished or glue, while this layer is sticky, apply foil or portal, push it with a sponge in order that it clearly repeats the relief of the baguette. The resulting metal surface is often tinted using translucent paint. If you chose white foil, you’ll provide it a warm shade if you apply a grated stylus from colored pencils. The slate powder should be rubbed with a stiff brush, or rags should be used.

How to paint a frame for a picture

If you don’t have the chance to color your frame yourself, choosing a ready-made baguette for Macrosvit frames will help. Our catalog contains frames in an in-depth assortment of various sizes, profiles, and colors.


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