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12 Ideas For A Small Singapore Style Kitchen

Singapore is a wonderful place in the world to eat hearty in a restaurant or cafe, regardless of your budget. Therefore, it is not surprising that most houses have very small kitchens. But this does not mean that due to its small space, it should be wretched or devoid of liveliness. There are many ideas and ways to make even the smallest kitchen look like a functional space in a small house. Here we present 12 ideas for arranging small kitchens in Singapore. Most of them are a good example of how to integrate the kitchen into other living spaces, so they become larger and more spacious.

1. Breakfast by the Window

This small kitchen has a wide countertop right under the window. This is a great idea for an extra breakfast space, which does not take up much space and does not interfere with the overall space. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the view from the window during breakfast.

2. Kitchen island

In Singapore homes, Nordic geometric aesthetics are currently popular. In this case, a kitchen island is used that perfectly separates the living room from the small kitchen.

3. Separator Table

Great idea Well, I located a kitchen table. It perfectly separates the tiny kitchen space from the rest of the living space. The table itself may be small, but a thick wooden tabletop gives the overall interior design solidity.

4. Foldable Kitchen

The idea of ​​a folding kitchen is ideal for saving space. You can also quickly hide the clutter when guests suddenly arrive, turning the kitchen area into a living room. Or just a good way to close the kitchen when not in use.

5. Earthy Textures

Singapore is a garden city, and the natural design theme plays a big role in home interiors. For example, like this kitchen in the photo, with earthy wooden textures combined with modern appliances.

6. Glossy Color

Recently, the Singaporean design style uses glossy colors and surfaces. In this example, the photo shows a small glossy blue kitchen, with the same glossy tiles and countertop. This fresh idea is ideal for living in a cosmopolitan city.

7. Perfect Layout

This layout creates a good passage for the entrance area from the living room. Also, the space of the dining area of ​​the wall is correctly planned, so that the small kitchen seems quite spacious.

8. Chrome

The simplest idea of how to expand the space of a small kitchen is a white and chrome color scheme with a sparkling effect. Chromed or steel doors of the kitchen cabinet reflect light, giving the interior lightness and freedom.

9. Yellow Accent

In Singapore’s design techniques, emphasis on vibrant color is often used. The photo shows how the canary yellow kitchen apron and countertop form an unforgettably nice design. This simple idea shows how the smallest kitchen can turn a real exhibit.

10. Smart Textures

Singaporeans love warm and cozy, so they often use a “smart” combination of textures and colors in interior design, as shown in the photo.

11. Lighting

This seemingly narrow kitchen does not seem so at first glance, although in fact, it is quite small. Singaporean designers achieve this effect in a simple way this is a long panel of lighting on the ceiling.

12. Galley Style

This is another narrow Singapore style galley kitchen. This time, one side is used as a dining table. Wooden elements connect the overall picture of the design complementing each other so that a cozy and comfortable interior is obtained.

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