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Make DIY Rustic Christmas Wreath – Christmas DIY

How amazing and fantastic look like that wreath.


So, first of all, get some wreath fluffing branches. Than tight straightening all of them out. So in the next step, you will place all your branches flocked to the circular motion in wreath.that will show you an amazing color like snow effect.

Next step is that put(Place) all of your rustic reindeer onto the middle. It is too sure that tight and attaches with pipe cleaners.

Now, Its time to fill flocked berries. This is amazing and absolutely make your holiday good.

After applying flocked branches with berries or place focal ornament. Now put your own wish lime green hydrangeas in the shape of a triangle. In my case, I will be placing three green hydrangeas in the shape shown in images and in each hydrangea place burlap ornaments with your own wish.

Now its final some important steps. Fill the piece of ribbon cut with the different length with your own wish. It sure you that placing some curls and loops on the ribbon to show it visually.Amazing you do it it was an amazing wreath with your family to make your holiday season gorgeous. To make all your steps good I will post my video with all steps and interactions in below. I hope it helps you a lot and I make sure you will like and subscribe our Youtube channel for more update and more DIY crafts videos.

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