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Trendy Turquoise Kids Room Design Ideas

Bright, interesting, pleasing to the eye and uplifting turquoise color in the children’s room will help to create a stylish interior that matches the age of the child, focused on “growing up” with him.

This color is combined with almost all other shades, it can be intense, or, conversely, delicate, pastel. The combination of turquoise tones of various saturation, complemented by neutral colors, looks great. Turquoise can be used in interior decoration in almost any style, combined with wood and metal, glass and plastic.

The turquoise children’s room will look different depending on the lighting because this color has the ability to change depending on the temperature of the light flux. This should be considered when designing. Such a room will never get tired, it will always be different – and will always be interesting for the child.

Turquoise is the color of seawater and tropical sky, it creates a feeling of spaciousness, the room seems to be saturated with air and light, the walls “move apart” and even a small room will seem vacant.

A nursery in turquoise colors can belong to both a boy and a girl, this is a universal color that is convenient to use if the bedroom belongs to two children of different sexes at once.

Turquoise Color Combinations In A Nursery

Turquoise may be the primary, but may not be the only color in interior design. It must be combined with other colors, as well as varying hues and saturation. Among the wide variety of turquoise color combinations allowed, special attention should be paid to the following:


Brown and turquoise “balanced” color combination, which will create a calm atmosphere in the children’s room. For example, a white ceiling and floor can be combined with dark brown and turquoise furniture, such a combination is quite elegant and acceptable in various styles.


Girls, as you know, love everything pink, so the turquoise color in the children’s room, designed for girls, can be complemented with pink. Both of these colors have a positive effect on the nervous system, and some shades of pink have a calming effect. Just as in the case of orange, you need to carefully select shades, turquoise blue tones will be better to combine red and pink, and green shades – with tones of peach.

Light Green

Turquoise goes well with light green and grassy shades of green. These are close colors, and their combination is well complemented by neutral tones – beige, white, light brown. Green color adds balance, creates a feeling of peace and comfort.


Both of these colors differ in brightness and have many different shades. This is the main difficulty of using an orange-turquoise pair. However, the right shades will help create a very interesting design that is original. Usually, soft orange accents are chosen for a nursery in turquoise tones, or juicy orange is complemented by bleached turquoise.


The combination of turquoise in the nursery with white is perhaps the most successful. It works to expand the space, increase the volume, and yet both of them cannot be superfluous in a room intended for a child. On the contrary, the more spacious the room allotted to him, the better the child develops, his fantasy works better, and his creative abilities manifest. If the child’s room has a small area, white and turquoise can be the perfect combination.

Turquoise as a background, complemented by white accents and accessories, will create a fabulous vibrant atmosphere, and at the same time a sense of isolation, security, which is very favorable for the psyche of a small child. A turquoise children’s room, the main one in which is white, and turquoise are used in accessories is a classic option for school and teenage children. This combination promotes the development of creative abilities, increases the ability to learn.

Turquoise Kids Room For Boys

The turquoise children’s room for the boy, as a rule, is decorated in a marine style. Turquoise is complemented with blue, blue, white, azure, yellow, red, and orange are used as accent colors. The floor and furniture are usually made of wood, the color of natural wood. The design theme is chosen according to the taste of a child it can be a rally in the desert or an underwater laboratory.

Turquoise Nursery For Girls

A nursery in turquoise colors, designed for a girl, is most often decorated using pink, beige, white, gray colors. The combination of turquoise with white and light tones of wood will help to create a classic bright interior that will suit a young girl.

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