12 Unusual Coffee Cups

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If you are a true coffee connoisseur and drink it regularly, then you will never have too many coffee cups. If you don’t have the opportunity or desire to wash a dirty coffee cup, but you want to get a daily dose of caffeine, then why not have some original cups? The 12 coffee cups that DIYhometalk.com collected for you in this article are not only practical. Each of them has its own unusual and unique design. Some of them are a little freaky and funny, while others are just pretty. Buy one for your home, another for your trip to work, for the office, so that the day starts really right!

Unusual Coffee CupsCoffee cup hovering above the table surface

Unusual Coffee Cups

Cloth design coffee cup with optical illusion

Unusual Coffee Cups

Cute cat coffee cup

Unusual Coffee Cups

Unusual cup with hidden animals inside

Unusual Coffee Cups

Superhero Coffee Cup

Unusual Coffee Cups

Fancy Ninja Coffee Cup

Unusual Coffee CupsWall-E and Eve in the form of coffee cups

Unusual Coffee Cups

Unusual coffee cup changing its appearance. Just add hot water!

Unusual Coffee CupsBasketball coffee cup

Unusual Coffee CupsUnusual coffee cup for donut lovers

Unusual Coffee CupsCreative transparent cup

Unusual Coffee Cups

Coffee cup with a place for cookies

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