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Four-Poster Beds For A Luxury Bedroom

Once the canopy was considered a luxury and an attribute of the bedrooms of only wealthy gentlemen. Today four-poster beds return to their former popularity. And the best part is that anyone can afford such a luxury.

It is the canopy that can fill an ordinary bedroom with lightness, grace, and romanticism. Under his cover, it is so nice to retire and relax after a hard day’s work.

In addition to aesthetic satisfaction, the canopy also performs practical functions. It protects a sleeping person from sunlight, dust, drafts and small insects.

Modernity is making adjustments. Today the canopy can be not only in the form of a fabric cape above the bed. Often it is presented in rather original forms, only vaguely reminiscent of a classic canopy.

The canopy does not have to cover the entire bed, only the headboard or the screen made of fabric above the berth can be draped. In many cases, the canopy is attached to the eaves, which are supported by carved racks, passing into the legs. But in some models, the canopy rests on the high back of a special design.

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