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Interior Decoration


Oil Painting in a Modern Interior

Painting in the interior serves as an indispensable assistant in the placement of the necessary accents and harmony. Even having updated the room with a fresh renovation. It will remain inhospitable and uncomfortable without...


DIY Furniture From Scrap Materials

The furniture appeared a very long time ago, around the 3rd century BC. At first, it was just a semblance of modern furniture. Evidence of this was found in rock paintings, which depicted caskets...


Stunning Interior Design Ideas

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend at home? No? And it’s worth it, because if you live in a dull and gray apartment, then you definitely need to change something in your life. And...


Current Trends Interior Trends of 2021

With the coming of New 2021, people are thinking about how much their personal life needs to be updated. One of the biggest influences on a person is the environment in which he lives....


Japanese Style in the interior of 2021

Every year, interest in oriental culture in European countries is increasing. Tea ceremony, sushi, Japanese dishes the fashion for them is only growing, which is not surprising. After all, everything that surrounds the land...


Fashion Trends In Interior Of Apartments

Interior decoration, whether it be a private house or apartment, allows owners to demonstrate their taste and style preferences to others. What fashion trends in the interior of 2019 deserve attention? Fashionable interiors The...