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12 Amazing ideas For Using Ceramic Tiles in The Interior

Our fellow citizens are accustomed to living in the old fashioned way, this mainly concerns repairs, since many simply do not want to abandon Soviet standards and reorganize in an ultramodern way. And if we are talking about tiles, then choose what is more straightforward. However, today there is a wide variety of tiles for every taste and color. And these 12 great ideas for using ceramic tiles will help radically transform your interior.

1: Flower Mix

To create this unusual floral mix on the wall, it is enough to use ceramic tiles of various colors and sizes.

2: The Combination of Gold in The Kitchen

This kitchen apron made of rectangular tiles with a “gold” coating will give your kitchen luxury and chicness.

3: Brickwork

Another fantastic idea is to use ceramic tiles as a decoration for a brick wall. This option will appeal not only to you but to all your guests.

4: Patchwork On The Walls

To make the interior individual and unique, this wall decoration with ceramic tiles in the patchwork style will help.

5: Tender Mother of Pearl

If you want your bathroom to be filled with shimmer and shine. Then lay the floor with this wonderful tiny mother of pearl tile.

6: Mixed Tiles in The Bedroom

If you still have not decided how to decorate the wall at the head of the bed in your bedroom, then you can safely use the idea of ​​painting the wall with various tiles. So you not only place accents but also create a cheerful atmosphere in the interior of your bedroom.

7: Metal Flicker in The Bathroom

A delicate white bathroom with a pronounced wall. Which is decorated with tiny tiles in metallic color, looks vibrant and presentable. Moreover, such an idea of ​​using ceramic tiles will visually expand the space of the bathroom.

8: The Combination of Laminate and Ceramic Tiles

Want to create a unique floor design? Then use a combination of hexagonal tiles and laminate. Such an idea will also allow us to distinguish between different zones in the studio apartment.

9: Modern Honeycomb Tile

With such tiles in the form of honeycombs on the walls. Your bathroom will acquire originality and originality.

10: Floor Tiles

Finishing the floor with tiles of the same shape, but of different colors will allow you to create spectacular transitions and the illusion of mixing various textures. Such decoration will make the floor a real highlight of the space.

11: Ceramic Tile Carpet

Can’t decide on the carpet for the hallway? Then lay the floor in the form of a carpet with such an original tile of a contrasting shade, and the problem with the carpet is solved.

12: Copper Apron

A stylish kitchen apron made of small mosaic, styled as copper, looks excellent in combination with monochrome black walls and makes the interior of the kitchen genuinely luxurious.

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