DIY Furniture From Scrap Materials


The furniture appeared a very long time ago, around the 3rd century BC. At first, it was just a semblance of modern furniture. Evidence of this was found in rock paintings, which depicted caskets for storing things.

The main materials for furniture in those days were wood and ivory. The shape of the furniture itself was uncomplicated. A box structure decorated with multi-colored glass, or some kind of embossed inserts, sometimes stone structures.

Today, in stores you can see a huge variety of all kinds of furniture for every taste and color. However, if it is creative and original designer furniture. Then it is very expensive designer furniture costs a lot of money.

But what to do if you decide to decorate your interior with original furniture that is simply not in the store? Do not despair, you can make furniture with your own hands from improvised means. has collected photos of amazing ideas that will help you create unique interior items that you will definitely not find in any furniture store.

An original table made of old sawn wood painted white and decorated with shiny metal tape

Unique table made of tires

Great shelving of colored boxes for vegetables and fruits

Pallet lounger

Chic pallet sofa

Table for a garden or a summer cottage made of pallets

Children’s swing made of pallets, which can also serve as a resting place

wonderful shelf for storing things in the hallway from boxes of fruits and vegetables

Shelf for books from the pallet

Stylish hanger made of white painted bars

Glass table, which has a used wine barrel instead of legs

A set of furniture for the veranda from pallets

Pallets are also great for balconies

Tire ottomans


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