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How Can I Use Photo Wallpaper In The Interior?

The first association that comes to mind when mentioning photo wallpaper is birch trees or thickets of bamboo in a niche in the kitchen. Perhaps earlier, there was a meager choice of design, but modern photo wallpapers look like real works of art. How to use them?

Zoning Space

With the help of murals, you can divide the room into zones. This is a stylish and straightforward way to highlight a dining headset or bedroom. It is enough to stick the murals on only one wall or its section, the rest of the decoration should remain more neutral.

The image on the wall should match the style of the interior and the functions of the zone. In the bedroom, it is better to use soothing landscapes or floral arrangements. In the living room, more active photos of night and day cities, abstract compositions, bright and catchy colors are more appropriate.

Correction of the proportions of the room

If the room is too low, with the help of murals, the ceilings can be visually made higher. There are two ways to do this

  • Use vertical motifs on the wall (waterfalls, forest, columns, etc.);
  • The image of the sky or dome on the ceiling.

To visually expand the space, any options with the prospect are suitable:

  • City ​​streets that go into the distance
  • Enfilades of rooms
  • View from the window to the city or the sea.

As a rule, such wallpapers become the most striking detail of the interior, so you should not use too much decor.

Masking Flaws

Not so often, even in new buildings, the walls can differ in a perfectly flat surface and right angles.

Hide imperfections will help murals with imitation of brick or masonry. You can also use images with a large number of small details or colorful combinations of colors. This will help to hide wall defects, diverting attention to a bright picture.

Accent Wall

If there is unused space in the room, you can fill the void with photo wallpaper. The choice of an image depends on the style of the interior and personal preferences.

If there is not enough light in the room, you can choose a photo with a large open window or city lights. You can decorate boring niches or ledges with murals.

Most Popular Prints

Among the variety of themes of photo wallpaper, there are several that are most popular. All presented samples can be bought at the best price for murals in the online store. Here are examples of the most familiar images for photo wallpaper

1. Cities

In modern cities or old streets, all this becomes part of the interior of the living room or kitchen. Suitable for apartments in the style of hi-tech, loft, minimalism, or fusion.

2. Animals

Images of lions, leopards, African elephants, and other inhabitants of exotic countries will look great in ethnic interiors. And in the bathroom, photo wallpapers with marine inhabitants are appropriate. Children also like images of animals, so this is the right choice not only for decorating a children’s room but also for the first acquaintance with the animal world.

3. Cartoon Characters

Images of your favorite cartoon characters are an excellent choice for a kid’s room. Such a design will always be relevant.

4. Nature

Forests, fields, mountains, sea open spaces all this is a way to expand the space and, at the same time, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unity with nature.

5. Flowers

A universal ornament that, if desired, will fit into any interior. Images of bouquets in a picturesque style are suitable for classics, Sakura branches will fit into the Japanese style, and bright flowers in macro photography will become a detail of the modern interior.

Of course, you can pick up more unusual images. It all depends on the wishes of the owners of the house, their tastes, and the chosen interior style.

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