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12 Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Bigger

Does your home seem small? Well, then you are not alone. Most people living in their homes feel a little constrained due to a lack of space. They dream of a new spacious house, but in fact, they need much less space.

So how can you make your small house big?

In this article, We will show you 12 tricks of interior designers and decorators used to deal with this problem. Let’s check them out!

1. Creative Decor Details

Empty walls tend to draw attention to the borders of a room. If you are creative, you can disguise them, for this, there are many ways to decorate an empty wall. This small one-room apartment has a magnificent wooden geometric pattern on the wall.

2. Create an Open-Plan

If you have the opportunity to remove load-bearing walls without load do it! This is the single most effective way by which you can increase the space. Light will spread freely throughout the house, and it will become light and airy.

3. A Mixture of Styles

This is a fairly common tip for residents of small houses make the interior simple. This is reasonable advice, but that does not mean that everything should be monophonic. Our eyes tend to group solid objects together so that they merge. This means that the full confluence of the colors of various pieces of furniture and decor should be avoided. It is better to use different styles, for example, a combination of orange with white or blue looks very beautiful.

4. Use The Seat To The Ceiling

People usually decorate and decorate their rooms at eye level. It piles visual perception and the room seems small, there is a feeling of lack of space. And this is so, approach to design directly affects the area of the room. You can, for example, take up free space along the wall to the ceiling with a wardrobe and an extra bed, as shown in the photo.

5. Use the Platform

A platform is a great way to separate living areas in one room. Thanks to the installation of the platform, you can provide additional space for storing things without cluttering the passage and the space of the room. Good lighting also plays a big role.

6. Light Elements of Decor

For ease of interior, to expand the space, it is best to use delicate colors and shades, such as turquoise. Choose round coffee tables and furniture with legs. Transparent plexiglass chairs are also suitable.

7. Use Attics

Take a look at this loft-style studio apartment for inspiration. They, as a rule, have original decor elements in different, sometimes even strange places of the room. In this small room, there is even a corner loft on the edge of the corridor.

8. Deal with Lines of Sight

Take a walk around your room and pay attention to the main visual lines in the house. Then figure out ways to rearrange the furniture in order to create continuous lines of visualization. One common trick is to cluster the furniture and turn a television unit or sofa into a divider.

9. Light Neutral Color

We all know that good lighting and a bright palette of colors will help to make a house spacious. But how to do it if you like the minimalistic range of colors and shades in which you feel warm and comfortable?

The answer is natural materials such as wood or stone.

10. Compactness

Shelves for storing books can be mounted in such a way as to serve as decorative elements, using the space in the room to the maximum. This frees up precious inches of area. To save space in the bedroom, a closet is ideal.

11. Cycle The Corners

The corners of any home are usually the most deserted places. This area is freed from walking, so it can be occupied with something useful, without affecting the rest of the space. There are many ways how to use the corners in any room, do not miss them!

12. Folding or Modular Furniture

I must admit that once folding furniture was a little boring. But nowadays with the advent of modern solutions and designs, it has become much easier to save the missing space. For example, wonderful modular furniture can almost magically turn into other objects making room in the house.

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