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12 Ideas On How To Use The Space In The Corners Of Your Home

Often owners of small houses and apartments complain about the lack of free space in the room. And at the same time, they completely forget about the corners with which you can easily expand the space. To do this, you just need to turn on imagination and approach the arrangement of the room wisely. Our review has some easy ways to make good use of corner space.

1. Shelves in the form of the letter “A”

Specially designed shelves in the form of the letter A will help fill and expand the corner space. Corner shelves perfectly fill the empty space. And thanks to its unusual design, resembling the letter “A” in shape, they also expand the space in the corner.

2. Decorated Shelves

Such shelves perform two functions at the once decoration and providing additional space in the corner. Corner shelves with decorative elements allow you to create a useful space and bring something new and original to the interior.

3. Minibar

A small mini bar in the corner is a great idea for small rooms. In the corner, you can place a stylish and functional minibar. This is an ideal solution for those who appreciate good alcoholic drinks, but due to the limited space, they cannot afford a cellar or a full bar.

4. Built-in shelf

Of course, the built-in corner shelf saves maximum space and has great functionality. The corner shelf, built right into the wall, really allows you to free up quite a lot of space for various things. Such an interior solution can be a real highlight of a house or apartment.

5. Dining Place

If the kitchen is already very small, the dining table can be placed in the corner. Often, residents of Khrushchev’s and small-sized stores suffer from the fact that their kitchens are not that small, but directly tiny. Sometimes the owners of such apartments even have to put a refrigerator in the hallway. To solve the problem of limited space, you can place a dining table in the corner.

6. Universal Shelf

Such a shelf is a real lifesaver for those who want to turn any corner into a useful space. A universal shelf that can be mounted on both internal and external corners is quite functional.

7. Workplace

In the corner, you can perfectly arrange the space for a mini-office. With the correct use of corners, you can divide rooms into different zones. The arrangement of a corner workplace will be especially relevant in a one-room apartment.

8. A Shelf Near The Entrance

The corner bookshelf near the front door allows you to effectively use the space in the hallway. Often the corners near the front doors remain untouched and idle, and the place simply “walks”. But if you make a built-in shelf in the corner space, the owners will have additional space for the home library.

9. Mini Coffee Shop

Using functional small furniture in the corner, you can equip a minibar for making coffee drinks. There is a small coffee bar in the corner. If you put a small functional table and hang a shelf at the top. The corner space will work even more efficiently for your owners.

10. Bed Under The Stairs

To save space, you can equip a sleeping place directly under the stairs. Usually, a bed, especially a double, takes up a lot of space. To save precious meters, you can place a berth in a niche under the steps of the stairs.

11. Hallway

Using the corner space under the stairs, you can create comfort and a cozy atmosphere in the lobby. If you approach the home improvement creatively, in the corner right under the stairs you can arrange a very comfortable and functional entrance hall.

12. Kitchen

In the kitchen, unused corner space can be converted into a cupboard for storing dishes. Even a small kitchen can be equipped so that the maximum of necessary things occupy a minimum of precious space on it. To do this, you need to place a corner cabinet for storing dishes in the room, and the design of the kitchen set should assume the presence of corner drawers.

Corner drawers optimize space in a small kitchen.

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