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12 Charming Examples Of Autumn Decor

Autumn is a time of melancholy, a warm plaid, and hot tea. And yet, this is the perfect time for a change in interior design. In today’s review, 12 fascinating examples of autumn decor are collected. Here are 12 Best Charming Examples for Autumn Decor.

1. Napkins and Coasters

As an autumn decor, you’ll make napkins and original coasters. Brown, yellow and red felt is perfect for creating table napkins and hot coasters. Use stencils to cut figures of autumn foliage from prepared material.

2. Panel

As an example of autumn decor, from a decorative wooden frame, dried half of a small pumpkin and thick fabric. You can craft a unique panel that will become an exquisite decoration of any wall. Arm yourself with good glue, paints, dry branches, burlap, and other available materials and collect them in your own unique composition.

3. Application

A sheet of paper and maple, oak or any other leaf glued to it, painted in golden, silver or any other color and enclosed in a simple photo frame will be a charming example of autumn decor.

4. Funny Figure

From a wooden saw, metal lids and unnecessary cutlery, you can make a funny owl figurine, which can be used to decorate a nursery wall or be used to create an interesting composition. The process of creating such crafts is simple enough so that you can connect children to this activity.

5. Saucers for Jewelry

Polymer clay is an excellent material for creativity. Decorative plates made of this material, decorated with painting and sequins, are perfect for storing jewelry and any other little things. This is another option for charming autumn decor.

6. Hanger for Photos

From sturdy ropes, metal, plastic or wooden slats and your own pictures, you can make an amazing wall decoration that will save the best moments of the autumn.

7. Calendar

It will be much more pleasant to watch the change of seasons, looking at a calendar made by yourself. To create such a stimulating little thing you’ll need greeting tags, a little wooden box, golden paper, three hooks, and watercolor. Watercolor paint the greeting tags and stick the numbers and names of the months on them these are the calendar sheets that should be hung on hooks screwed inside a wooden box.

8. Flower Vase

As an autumn decor, a charming flower vase can be made from a small pumpkin. Before proceeding to the decor, the vegetable must be thoroughly washed, cut off the top and using a spoon to extract the seeds and pulp. Next, the pumpkin peel should be covered with sealant, and after drying, gently paint with a brush and acrylic paint of the desired color. To make the vase last longer, it is better to dry the pumpkin. To do this is often quite simple, you would like to fill the vegetable with paper and leave it for a short time during a warm room, and therefore the paper must need to be changed until it is no longer saturated with juice. In the resulting vase, you can put a bouquet of dry branches, spikelets or place inside a small container with water and store a bouquet of fresh flowers.

9. Candlestick

A maple leaf or its figurine cut out of paper and orange enamel will turn an ordinary glass jar into an original autumn decor.

10. Acorns

Acorns and bumps, painted with gold and black colors with spray paint and decorated with twine, are perfect for decorating the dining table, as well as for creating spectacular autumn compositions.

11. A Garland of Leaves

Go for a walk and collect a nice bouquet of fallen leaves, after which, look at the shop for creativity. Where you will buy several packages with sparkles, glue and a few meters of tape. Lubricate the sheets with glue and generously sprinkle with sequins, wait until the products dry, and then you need to string them on a ribbon and decorate the wall of the bedroom, living room or kitchen.

12. Candles

Ordinary paraffin candles are often decorated with yellowed leaves collected within the cord and park. A composition of several candles, cones, and acorns laid out on a dish, you can decorate the dining table, fireplace or dressing table.

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