DIY Paper Home Decoration Ideas


Undoubtedly, accessories play a big role in interior decoration. So in this post, we will tell you about interesting DIY paper home decoration ideas.

DIY Paper Home Decoration Ideas

Required material:

  • Decorative paper.
  • Ribbons.
  • Lace.
  • Paper fabric for interior decoration.
  • Photos.
  • Various materials at hand.

With the help of these simple materials, you can beautifully decorate any piece of furniture, but we suggest decorating an old, unnecessary suitcase. This will be an unexpected solution for the interior of a living room or bedroom, or kitchen. And, in addition, it will serve to store various things.

Just carefully line the outside of the suitcase with paper and cloth. For decoration, you can randomly glue photos on it, and decorate the edges with ribbons, braid, lace. Such a suitcase, decorated with paper, can be made in any style.

Decorative suitcase for home.

Volumetric wall decoration made of paper made using the quilling technique.

Geometric Wall Paper Home Decoration.

Another interesting option for decorating a room is a panel with notes. To do this, you will need a dense fabric of a noble look or paper in a dark shade. Attach it to the wall and stick stickers on it (in any shape you like, for example, in the form of tree leaves). Every time you receive guests, you can invite them to write on the pieces of paper their wishes, goals, dreams, or wishes for your family.

Metal mesh with paper flowers.

Flower garland with LEDs.

DIY paper pompons for home

An equally interesting papercraft can be made in the form of pompons. The materials we need:

  • Colored tissue paper.
  • Scissors.
  • Threads.

First, we stack several layers of paper on top of each other. We collect them in the form of an accordion.

Advice! The more sheets, the more voluminous the pompom itself will be.

Home Decorating Ideas with Paper Pom Poms.

Tie the middle of the sheet with a thread, without pulling it together. The ends of the thread should be long enough so that the jewelry can then be easily suspended. The edges of the accordion can be cut in a semicircle or triangle. We straighten each accordion leaf separately. After that, we proceed to straighten and stretching each layer separately. And you get such a cute pompom.

Hanging homemade toys made of paper and scrap materials.

A unique frame for a wall mirror, made by gluing painted disposable plastic spoons to a plywood base.

DIY paper dahlia

There are a great many ideas on how to beautifully decorate a paper house with your own hands. You just have to choose those that are more suitable for your interior.

Simple Hanging Toys for Easter Home Decoration.


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