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12 Ideas For a Small Bathroom That Will Make It Bigger

Get ready for some visual tricks, because in this article we will show you 12 small bathrooms that look a lot bigger than they really are. Each of them is strikingly different from each other, but there are several key features that unite them, only you need to look closely. Many of them have showers instead of standard cabins, or large mirrors everywhere, as well as thoughtful lighting and unique design. Classical instruments in a set with design solutions, such as the thoughtful use of curved lines and a wide variety of color shades. So let’s arrange a tour and see the photo.

1. Shelf Lighting

Great idea to make shelf lighting. Such light strips on the shelves and behind the mirror play a big role in the successful design of this small bathroom. Note how two small shelves, thanks to a small backlight and reflection in the mirror, brightly illuminate the room expanding the space.

2. Thoughtful Lighting

One of the unique elements in this bathroom is a wooden shower floor. The floor textures were underlined by the thoughtful addition of lighting below. This simple idea is often neglected, although it introduces a wonderful effect of expanding the space into the bathroom interior.

3. The Effect of The Black Mirror

The photo shows how in a large mirror with illumination, dark walls with a golden tint are reflected. Thanks to this, not only a beautiful flickering effect is created, but the room itself seems large, although, in fact, it is tiny.

4. Black Shine

Black can also visually enlarge a small room if used skillfully. The main idea in the interior shown in the photo is the mirror surface of the tile. Despite its black color, it reflects and, as it were, passes light through itself, creating a feeling of transparency. Thanks to this effect and a large mirror, it seems that the room is large.

5. Geometric Objects

You may have noticed that many of the small bathrooms we saw before have pretty dark colors. As you know, this contradicts the standard advice of interior designers that a small room should be white. But just white is boring. Using this idea as an example, you can see how several colored geometric tiles can refresh the design of an ordinary bathroom, and make it visually larger than it actually is.

6. Narrow Room

A huge wall mirror, a modern built-in washbasin, and a round porthole window make this small room large. The mirror uniquely visually expands the space, and the window porthole captures your attention as if not allowing you to notice that the room is actually small.

7. Transparent Shower

In a small shower room, it is best to make transparent walls that will help the eye move freely throughout the space. You can also focus on the wall and ceiling, and decorate these surfaces with a beautiful floral design. Large mirrors reflect natural light, expanding and expanding the space.

8. Highlight

The height of this bathroom was emphasized by a multitude of contrasting fixtures. And also, along the contour of the wall, a line with backlighting is made, which creates the illusion of a large space.

9. Diffused Light

This bathroom has a huge lightbox emitting ambient light throughout the room. Light and mirrors are two important elements in any small bathroom. In general, if you want to expand the space to the maximum, then it is better to go big there are more mirrors and light.

10. Vivid Accents

Bright accents take on attention, distracting from the perception of the “tinyness” of this room. Using the example of this photo, we can see how the idea works when the shower room is combined with the open space of the entire room. The red ceiling is a great addition, without it it would be boring.

11. Attic Bathroom

This soothing small attic bathroom has a fairly modest floor area, but it feels large and spacious. The secret lies in the same gray color scheme of the walls, ceiling, and floor. All this is complemented by a gray bathtub and modern sanitary ware. Spotlights were also installed on the ceiling for illumination in the dark when such a bright light would not shine from the window.

12. Spa Decor

This small bathroom has a recessed shower bathtub with a very thoughtful arrangement of light. Such lighting, together with mosaic tiles, successfully scatter the rays of light from the ceiling to the floor, which gives the illusion of a much larger space.

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