12 Stylish Balcony Designs


Often, we associate a balcony with a place where all unnecessary rubbish, building materials, and other things are stored. But thanks to designers. The balcony can be turned into a chic place to relax. We present to your attention 12 stylish balcony design options that will push you to change.

Stylish Balcony Designs

1: Scandinavian Style

This version of the balcony is suitable for owners of small apartments. This wonderful loggia is made in a snow-white color scheme with a minimum of accessories and furniture, with a comfortable workplace.

2: Modern Style

A wonderful balcony, the design of which is made in a modern style, with a cozy armchair in the color of the accent wall, with an unusual floor lamp and textured panels.

3: Accent Wall

Stylish balcony option with wood hexagonal tiles, coffee table, and plush sofa with lots of pillows.

4: Blue motive

This balcony has been specially designed for sun protection. Narrow blue walls, blackout curtains, and a small sofa complete the look.

5: Minimalism

Lovers of minimalism can safely use this design option for the loggia. Which is most suitable for a single man.

6: Wood Magic

A chic option for an open balcony. Where the main focus is wood paneling with a long bench. Everything for relaxing with friends on warm summer evenings.

7: Calm Atmosphere

For those who like a simple country style. This cozy balcony with a brick wall, wooden table, and greenery will suit.

8: Tropical Oasis

Nature lovers will surely appreciate it. This unusual balcony with an abundance of greenery, wicker furniture, and various accessories.

9: Loggia with a Bar Counter

The stylish design of a small balcony. Where the main accent is the bar counter. A brick wall, unusual decorations, and high chairs complete the look.

10: Provence

Nice balcony with an open area for true ladies. Alternatively, white benches, bright textiles, and lots of greenery.

11: Spring Mood

Quite a simple, but very cozy design of an open balcony with a small bench decorated with bright furniture cushions, a small round table, a beach umbrella to protect from the sun, many shelves, and an abundance of various potted plants.

12: Eclecticism

A stunning balcony with striking black and white tiled floors, black ceilings and walls, a compact round table, a deep blue corner sofa, and soft paneling adorning the walls around it.


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