12 Unusual Fences That Will Decorate Any Home

All of those fences were “invented” and implemented by some very creative people, or residents who are pleased to face out from the gang. And now these works of art delight not only their masters but also the encompassing onlookers. Among them, there are excellent role models. Here are 12 Unusual Fences That Will Decorate Any Home.

1. Fence decorated with fabric butterflies

2. Brick fence with a twist

3. Mosaic decorated fence

4. Concrete fence with iron elements

5. Glass bottle railing

6. Fence within the sort of cards

7. Fence with lace patterns

8. The reliable fence made from logs and metal

9. The brilliant fence of non-standard shape

10. Fence within the sort of colored pencils

11. The fence of the old wheels from the carts

12. The fence within the sort of a piano

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