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Best Arabic Style Bedroom Design ideas

If you can not decide on the style of the interior for the bedroom, you should pay attention to the Arabic style. The design of the bedroom in the Arabic style will not leave anyone indifferent. Some like elaborate and catchy shades, dimensional furniture, expensive accessories, and someone is scared of such an abundance of luxury. The oriental interior is suitable for those who are trying to create a creative interior in which you can feel like in a fairy tale. Here are the Best Arabic Style Bedroom Design Ideas.

The main features of the Arabic style are the floors made of natural tiles and stone, arches and columns, stucco on the walls, distinctive bright carpets and curtains, massive carved furniture, and symbolic objects typical of Islamic culture and religion. The Arabian style brings a whiff of exoticism to any room and envelops the atmosphere of fairy tales of a thousand and one nights in it. This style gives a feeling of luxury.

Oriental style bedroom design tips:

  • For wall decoration, red is used in combination with gold.
  • Since red can exert psychological pressure on a person, colors are allowed white, ivory, and sand.
  • The bed should be large and low.
  • Ceilings are decorated with ornaments or carvings.
  • An essential element of the interior of the bedroom in the Arabic style is the presence of various niches that are used to place clothes, figures, vases, lamps, and so on.
  • The room should not have tall cabinets. Asian style is characterized by patterned, inlaid small chests of drawers.


Color in the decor of any interior plays a vital role, and it emphasizes the central theme. So for interior decoration in the Arabian style, deep and vibrant shades of red, maroon, purple, emerald, royal blue, and bronze are suitable. Colors such as gold and yellow can also be used. In the design of a bedroom or living room, for example, the walls can be painted in one of the deepest shades, but it is better to give preference to royal blue, and Arabic style furnishings will help to complete their decor.


The Arabic interior is rich in various types of lighting. Which includes enormous chandeliers, lampshades, hanging lamps, Arabic sconces, lamps, and candles. Sconces and lamps usually have a sophisticated design, but they all emit a mysterious golden glow. Which also enhances the color saturation of the draperies and interior fabrics.

Arabic Style Bedroom Accessories

Any interior is mainly created from trifles. You can choose the right furniture, arrange it, throw pillows and rollers, paint the walls with Arabic ornaments, but you can’t get the real Arabic style effect. After all, the main thing is to emphasize correctly. And one too European item in the Arabian bedroom can nullify all efforts And vice versa. Just one Arabic element in the design of the room can make it unique and oriental.

For example, an utterly extraordinary idea for decoration a tent ceiling. To do this, do not have to call a team of builders. It is enough to pull a strong cord or a cornice string around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. To fix strips of fabric on this wall, many times longer than the length of the wall of the room. After that, gently drape the structure and collect all pieces in the central part of the ceiling with a slight deflection.

The color scheme and texture of the fabric for such a hipped ceiling can be very different from heavy brocade with gold embroidery to light and airy organza. In the center of the roof, all pieces of the fabric must be neatly fastened together. Thus, you will create in the room an imitation of a real Bedouin tent. A suitable chandelier will complement the impression, and you will get a real bedroom in the Arabic style.

Arabian style bedroom bed

The main piece of furniture for any bedroom is a bed. It is she who is the center and the central element of the room. Therefore, her choice should be treated with individual attention. A mattress that meets the Arabic style can be quite different both in its design and in size. In the classic version, it should be a wooden rectangular canopy bed. The head of such a mattress should be decorated with a high back, smooth or carved, depending on the overall style and direction in the design of the bedroom furniture.

The embroidered bedspread with tassels and many pillows of various sizes laid out on the bed in a creative mess will advantageously complement the picture.

Main Materials of Arab Decorative Elements

The main materials for Arab decorative elements are bronze and copper. This applies to all types of jewelry, from carved lamps to large and full vases with fruits and sweets. No less popular are products from tin and ceramics.

To complete the design of a bedroom in the Arabic style, do not forget to use Asian flavors. Which significantly affects the perception of the atmosphere in the room. To achieve the desired effect, use incense, scented candles, or pillows with oriental spices. The unique smell in the bedroom should be used in moderation. The air in the bedroom should remain fresh and comfortable for a night of healthy and relaxing sleep.

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