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Best Intricate Paper Origami by Brian Chan

Meet Brian Chan, who works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is passionate about 3D sculptures, intricate origami, and other types of handmade art. We present to your attention some of his best works from a series of complex paper origami.

Chan has been making origami for over 20 years. Initially, he practiced repeating the schemes and models of other famous authors, but then, having gained experience. He began to create his own origami of complex shapes.

It all started from the moment. When his parents gave Brian a collection of books with origami diagrams as a child, and to this day he draws ideas for his products from that book. To date, Brian has designed and made over 100 unique paper origami models. The author’s collection mainly includes origami animals and insects, and there are also fantastic characters.

Photos of complex origami:





Buffalo and shepherd playing the flute

A saber-toothed tiger


Frog on a wedge leaf





The Dragon

Fish and Turtle



Rhinoceros Beetle

Bedbug Water Meter

Stag Beetle

Of course, such complex origami is not for everyone, for a start, it is better to start practicing with simpler patterns.

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