DIY Flip A Side Table In No Time Flat

Hello Crafters!Today I gonna show you how to make DIY flip a side table in no time flat.That’s all process for making side table complete in only one hour.During last time when I go to the second-hand store where I found this table and grab it.That’s table was brownie frownie but its okay! With the help of a little paint, the do it better condition.For your guidance will post the whole project video at the end of the article.So that helps you a lot for making side table in the better way.

Materials used for this project:


Now go to the town and grab some junk monkey paint.

To using this paint the project was so easy because this paint flips furniture.Now grab some brush for painting the furniture here is some of the brushes that were I like it.

To make this project I used shabby chip brush.this brush was perfect and amazing to create distressed style finish!
Now for coloring, I put black stencil to make it soft that’s color shape was called Bahama jade.

For design, you can design anything with your own wish or desire but I design here a mermaid!that’s was the best and perfect for this color combination.

so if you are ready to make all the project here so I will post the whole project video you like it that help you full to making this project easily.Happy holidays and Merry Christmas

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