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DIY Bulletin Board From Wine Corks

Hello crafter!welcome again today we make DIY Bulletin board from a wine cork and we do some fun upcycle with wine corks which is just only 30 mints to make a bulletin board of wine corks that was best for your office to organize it.That’s was a gift of your holidays.

Materials used for this project:

First Step: First of all you will paint all of your shoe box lids.
Second Step: Poke two hole on the one side end of the string ribbon and lid through.
Third Step: Inside the box glue at the one end.

Step Four: Now you can start the gluing of all your corks.That’s was your wish how much corks you use it was your desired but in my case, i use 120 corks.I glue it to the bottom of both corks and all side of the corks to sure that was snug in a good position.

Step Five: After you gluing all of your corks now you can paint few of cork to look like it natural.In the corks, the red wines look like pretty without any paint.

That’s all we finished it.To make this whole project you can use any type of lid to make pin board but I use shoe lid to make my project.I use shoe lid because I like it for this reason in shoe lid there is lid around the edge that will help to keep corks in place.I hope you like the whole project of DIY bulletin board from wine corks.So now comment in below you like this DIY or not its help a lot for your opinion.Now, wait for all for your response.This DIY is special for your holiday and you can also gift for your friend in the holiday party.Thanks

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