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DIY Pencil Vase

This was very best for your children about back to school as a teacher gift. I am very happy how adorable I did this to pencil flower vase to turn it out. It was very simple to create it difficulty was medium and this whole process takes only $15 and the time of two hours only.

First of all, I choose I mason jar which is base of my project and all of the pencils I glue around it to a mason jar. You bought any colored or any size of a pencil but I choose only 6 packs of pencils.

Then you use hot glue to keeping you pencils in mason jars to the right place. I use school glue which is very simple there is not necessary to use any expansive glue.

Using paintbrush foam by applying the glue to a layer of the jar after that place your all pencils to jar face in around.
When all of your pencils are placed around the jar then use string or tie and ribbon it tightly around. Now, wait for all of your pencils to dry. When your pencils are drying than you don’t fall or slide to any single of pencils.

You definitely keep the ribbon but I preferred you use without it But it was looked very pretty when you hold up and glue is dried.
In a final step, some of the flower pop onto your vase and it was all you did it.
This was one of the best Gift ideas for a teacher when you back to school.
It was also one of the best home decor items which look very adorable to your mantle on a bookshelf.


Suggested Materials For Making DIY Pencil Vase:

  • Flowers
  • Glue
  • Mason Jar
  • Colored pencils

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