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12 Original ideas On How To Remake Old Furniture Into Stylish Home Decoration

Many people sure that still store of old Soviet-era furniture at home or in the country. If it spoils the overall picture of the interior, and you still have not decided to throw it away, then there is no need to rush. After all, this problem is quite simple to solve if you show a little patience and imagination. Today’s list contains wonderful and original ideas on how to remake old and unsightly Soviet furniture into stylish home decoration.

1: Original Sofa from An Old Bedside Table

Do not rush to throw away the old nondescript nightstand, because it can make an excellent mini-sofa. To do this, you will need a small handmade mattress and several sofa pillows. The stylish interior item is ready! In addition, it will be not only beautiful but also functional, since you can hide shoes or other things in it.

2: Antique Desk

The old desk can serve you for several decades if it should be transformed. All you need to do is disassemble it, thoroughly clean it from the old lacquer coating, attach decorative strips, paint it white and fasten the handles.

3: Nightstand in a Bright Color

A small alteration and bright painting can change the old bedside table into a stylish piece of furniture.

4: Miniature Kitchen From The Nightstand

Another original idea of how to use the old nightstand is to turn it into a mini-kitchen, which will become the real pride of any housewife.

5: Stylish Kitchen Shelf

With your help, the cumbersome buffet of Soviet times can turn into a spectacular kitchen rack.

6: Bookshelf From The Old Radio

It would seem an absolutely unnecessary thing. But still, even from a well-worn radio, you can make a useful and beautiful piece of furniture.

7: Chic Sofa

New life to this old Soviet sofa was given by elegant upholstery and white painting.

8: Creative Door Racks

If you feel sorry for throwing out the old doors, but don’t know where to put them, use the original idea of ​​converting them into book racks.

9: Updated Bedside Table

From old things, such as this shabby nightstand, you can make a new and stylish nightstand with decoupage elements.

10: Sewing Machine Table

Do you have an old sewing machine lying around? Do not rush to get rid of it. Paint the legs, put a new glass tabletop and you will get a pretty cute table.

11: Patchwork Armchairs

New upholstery in the now popular patchwork style and painting of some elements made it possible not only to update old armchairs but also to turn them into trendy interior items.

12: Bright Vintage Chest Of Drawers

A little effort, imagination, and bright colors will make it possible to turn a vintage grandmother’s chest of drawers into a vibrant piece of furniture that will become a spectacular detail of the interior and an item to bring all guests.

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