Top 12 Unusual Faucets That Will Brighten Up Any Bathroom


Most of us have standard, unremarkable bathroom faucets. But time is fleeting and everything changes. The changes also affected the seemingly ordinary thing a mixer. Therefore, it’s time to think about replacing traditional plumbing with a more modern and creative one. Well, what model to choose. These 12 unusual faucets will help you, which will decorate any bathroom.

Fancy faucets

1: Textured mixer according to American standards

american standard

An unusual black faucet. Which is printed on a 3D printer, will be unusual. At the same time, functional bathroom decoration.

2: Eco Style Faucet

Eco Style Faucet

Nature lovers will appreciate this wonderful version of the mixer. Which is made in the form of a bowl with live plants and flowing water.

3: Multi-Colored Glass Faucet

glass mixer

The unusual shape of this blue glass faucet will decorate any bathroom.

4: Double Feed

double feed

The faucets are designed in such a way that the flow of cold and hot water is combined into one jet. Quite an unusual solution.

5: Roller Coaster Crane

Roller coaster mixer

Another mixer consists of two parts of a semicircular shape for water and lever control.

6: Water Pattern

water drawing

Trendy faucet, the uniqueness of which lies in the original water supply. This jet is divided into many thin streams, forming a beautiful pattern.

7: Swivel Design

swirling design

A simple metal faucet with an unusual swirling shape is a stylish choice for your bathroom.

8: Modern Flexibility

Modern Flexibility

Steel futuristic faucet, original design, thanks to which you can take it in different shapes and positions for your convenience.

9: Golden Swan

Swan faucet

A chic and refined steel faucet in the form of a golden swan will be the highlight of a modern classic-style bathroom.

10: Unique Design

Unique design

A unique steel faucet with a round hole at the top through. Which water is supplied.

11: Glowing Waterfall

glowing waterfall

An unusual open-type faucet that looks like a mesmerizing waterfall with magical blue lighting.

12: Cascading Basin Faucet

Cascade basin mixer

The cascade-shaped faucet will perfectly fit into the interior of any bathroom, regardless of the style of its design.


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