15 Top Trendy Kitchen Design


If you propose to update the inside of your house or apartment. We propose checking out which fashionable design you’ll choose for the kitchen, taking into consideration the present trends of 2019-2020, also as draw interesting ideas for furniture design and space design from photos.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

Planning Design

Choosing the planning, geometry, and construction of kitchen furniture, also as playing out the space of the kitchen, it’s necessary to proceed from factors such as:

  • The dimensions of the room
  • The number of individuals who are going to be within the kitchen at an equivalent time
  • Natural candlepower (window size and location);
  • Equipment that’s already available or is going to be acquired
  • Requirements for the location of kit (rules for installing gas stoves and boilers, the relative positions of stoves, ovens and refrigeration equipment, etc.).

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

To make a cushty, functional and space that meets your aesthetic tastes, you would like to think about a variety of important nuances, from materials and color combinations to textiles and decor elements. That can emphasize the chosen style and make a comfortable atmosphere.

15. Furniture for Kitchen

The most element of the kitchen space is furniture, the situation of which largely determines the perception of the space and luxury of the hostess. Depending on the geometry and area of the space, the subsequent kitchen furniture options are possible:

  • Linear
  • U-shaped
  • angular
  • Peninsula
  • island.

Let’s check out the features of every location.

14. Linear

The most common sort of kitchen furniture today, optimal for little rooms or narrow long rooms. Such a group will fit perfectly into the kitchen space of a little city apartment.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

13. Corner

Another fairly popular option for kitchen furniture. The interest in such kitchens is thanks to the very fact that the corner layout can easily be fit into almost any room.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

12. U-shaped

In practice, in small city apartments, the U-shaped arrangement of furniture is rare, except for the massive spacious kitchen of a rustic house, this feature is going to be really interesting.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

It’s worth noting that in such headsets one among their surfaces can act as a compact table (as within the photo) or flow into a gorgeous bar counter.

11. Peninsula

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

As a rule, it is often an ingenious interpretation of a corner or U-shaped kitchen, during which one among the weather seems to separate the cooking zone and therefore the area. Such furniture options became especially fashionable the arrival of fashion in studio apartments. But even in a standard large room, the peninsular kitchen allows you to arrange to zone and make a comfortable atmosphere.

Depending on the planning decision on the “peninsula” are often located:

  • Working surface
  • Dinner Zone
  • Bar counter and even a stove or sink (rarely enough thanks to the complexity of technical implementation).

10. Island

Perhaps the foremost spectacular and most luxurious option that only owners of spacious apartments or an outsized house can afford. The most highlight of such a kitchen may be a stand-alone “island”, which frequently features a working or cooking surface.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

We suggest evaluating within the photo how stylish and weird this design option in several stylistic decisions may look.

9. Interior styles

Having selected the simplest option for furnishing a kitchen area, it’s worth considering the specified interior style. Fashion trends 2019-2020 are very diverse and permit everyone to settle on a kitchen design supported individual preferences.

8. Country (Farmer)

The heat and coziness inherent within the sort of a rustic house create an environment of peace and tranquility in such a kitchen.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

For farm, style is characteristic:

  • Natural wood
  • Simple and at an equivalent time stylish textiles
  • Hand-made decor.

7. Rustical

The inside is “antique” with an abundance of massive elements made from wood.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

The decor is widely used:

  • A natural stone
  • Forged Products
  • Leather upholstery
  • Aged things.

6. Ecological

Eco-style within the design of the kitchen area is primarily characterized by a mixture of sunshine colors and a shade of juicy young greenery. It’s important to make a sense of spaciousness and freedom within the room, in order that the people in it are as if transferred to a comfortable forest lawn.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

In such an indoor, living plants look very harmonious. An alternate to flowerpots within the kitchen could also be the first design of the working area with the image of the forest, coastal area or flowers.

5. Modern

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

Unlike previous options, modernism may be conciseness of lines and maximum functionality.

4. Scandinavian

Love interiors in light shades are happy to settle on the elegance and class of the Scandinavian style. At an equivalent time, it’ll not misconstrue to feature a couple of bright impregnations to the mood of the Scandinavian light palette.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

It is often refined decor, a trendy chandelier, elegant window decoration or upholstery of upholstered furniture.

3. Minimalism

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

For several years, kitchen interiors within the sort of minimalism don’t leave the fashionable Olympus. Simplicity and conciseness in such rooms are combined with the subtle aesthetics of individual elements of the decor, and therefore the functionality and adaptableness of the space create the foremost comfortable conditions for the belief of the foremost daring culinary ideas.

2. Loft

Industrial-urban stylistics are going to be incredibly relevant in 2020, which suggests that the planning of the kitchen within the loft-style (or even the whole interior of the apartment, sustained during this direction) is that the right choice for young and artistic.

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

This direction doesn’t tolerate heaps. Space should have enough space and lightweight. Only under these conditions will the inside make its due impression.

1. Ethnic Trends

Top Trendy Kitchen Design

Today, there are many ethnic areas, each of which has its own special zest. Depending on the culture and culinary of which country inspire the owner of the apartment or house, the kitchen is often decorated in American, Oriental, Chinese, Japanese, African or the other ethnic style.


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