12 Best Gifts Ideas For A Child For New Year 2021


A bright New Year’s holiday is a wonderful fairy tale that children willingly believe in. An elegant Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, and a whole mountain of gifts under the spruce branches delight them. And now, surrendering to the pre-New Year’s chores, parents are racking their brains over what to give their child for the New Year 2021. Here are 12 Best Gifts Ideas For A child For New Year 2021.

For some parents, choosing a gift is not difficult, because their children write letters to Santa Claus or tell mom and dad their innermost dreams. But what about those who are not so lucky?

How to make the right choice?

Everyone can choose a gift for their baby, just follow a few rules.

  • First, the gift bought on the last day will not always be the best. Think over the purchase in advance, purchase the necessary item, and hide the surprise in a place inaccessible to a small horse. Let the last days before the holiday be a lot of trouble, but you will get rid of anxiety.
  • Secondly, while shopping, look for toys that match your child’s preferences. After all, a gift should bring him maximum joy and become a favorite toy.
  • Thirdly, having bought a gift, do not seek to hide it in the apartment. You can take the box with a surprise to your parents and hide it there, in the far corner, where the playful little hands of your beloved angel cannot reach.
    The belief that Santa Claus and Snow Maiden bring gifts to children for the New Year makes the holiday magical for children. Do not kill the faith in the magic of the holiday in children, do not dissuade them from the presence of fairy-tale characters. May their childhood be filled with miracles.

When preparing for the New Year’s feast, try to create a fabulous atmosphere in the house. A good mood is another, the most invaluable gift that you can create for your children yourself. Interesting solutions for the decor of rooms, pipes, elegant costumes, festive music, and cheerful laughter all this will fill the soul of the crumbs with a sense of mystery.

Gifts for Crumbs

Toddlers under the age of three often like to dress up in bright clothes. And if there is a need to buy it, then this gift will be the perfect way out of the problem. The main thing is the correct selection of colors. Try to keep the clothes bright, the baby liked the drawings, and the clothes themselves were extremely comfortable.

The development of a child is the work of his parents. The fine motor skills of tiny pens have not yet been developed. So bright puzzles with large parts can be considered suitable gifts. It is very good if all of them are made of wood.

Colored bricks of a large designer will captivate your child with the opportunity to create new shapes and color combinations. Therefore, Lego is the perfect gift option. A very good gift for a child will be an educational toy: a pyramid, lacing, a bag with colored figures, cubes, and much more.

The restless crumbs will also incredibly love the big cars that you can ride, the swing, or the rocking pony. They will simply be delighted with the “horned” bouncing ball.

Children who like to draw will be very happy with the gift. Which will contain new albums, paints, felt-tip pens, and crayons. Now you can even buy special sets of a little artist. Dolls, cars, and toy books are traditional gifts that will never leave your beloved children indifferent.

For Children Aged 3 to 7

At this age, children just love role-playing games. Therefore, for girls, you can choose an interactive doll that you can comb, dress, feed, put to bed, and with which you can just feel like an adult.

A variety of kitchen sets, soft toys, or sets that copy tools of any profession are a great gift for both girls and boys. In addition, it will be incredibly pleasant for a little man to receive a brand new railway, a prefabricated model of a car or an airplane, a radio-controlled car, or just a board game.

If your child is interested in sports, a bicycle is a perfect gift. A very useful and interesting gift will be a sports corner. Where your kid can do all kinds of exercises and just have the opportunity to play outdoor games.

For Children Aged 7 to 10

After 7 years, parents themselves give gifts to children. And the most valuable of them are considered to be unforgettable experiences. Take your child to the Circus or New Year’s theatrical performance. Take a family trip to the skating rink or spend a couple of days at the tourist base. Where your child can go skiing with all the heart.

Excellent gifts can be “Diary of a Young Lady” or “Diary of a Young Gentleman”, an interesting encyclopedia, a set for creativity.

At this age, girls look at themselves in a new way and are already copying the behavior of mothers. Present them with a baby set of cosmetics and they will be truly happy.

Both boys and girls at this age enjoy playing different board games. Present them and your child will often bring friends to play.

Gifts For Teens From 10 Years Old

The interests of teenagers are the main criteria for buying a gift. Most of them simply lose their heads from all kinds of electronic novelties. By purchasing a not very expensive gadget, you will make your cute little son very happy. Smartphones, headphones, tablets all this will simply win the heart of a teenager.

Most children these days already have a computer. In this case, any of the items that complement the system will make your child happy, speakers, a microphone, good headphones.

Many children of this age have not just interests, but real hobbies that can eventually become the basis for a future profession. Therefore, they should help and buy something they need to realize their own potential, a video camera, a camera, a sewing machine, a set of climbing equipment, a travel kit, specialized literature, an aquarium, and much more.


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