12 Most Unusual Fireplaces


The fireplace is such a part of the interior that unites the whole family in the cold winter season because no other item can cope with this task. With a fireplace, your room is warm both literally and figuratively. In addition, you can fry marshmallows on it without leaving your home and remember your summer outings in nature. Thus, here is a list of the 12 most unusual fireplaces. After all, you need to change something, stop looking at a simple rectangular hole in the wall!

An unusually shaped fireplace

Fireplace with seating for the whole family

Unusual fireplace for a large company

Chinese style fireplace

Fireplace in the form of a huge tree

Unusual beautifully shaped fireplace in the wall

Fireplace in the form of a bonfire

Fireplace creating a huge flame

Elegant fireplace

Fabulous fireplace

Unusual fireplace in the form of a triangle

Glass fireplace


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