12 Creative ideas for Storing Shoes

For a small space, compact solutions are always relevant, especially when it comes to storing a large number of shoes. DIY Hometalk presents a selection of creative ideas for storing shoes in an apartment. Functional, practical, and convenient. Here are 12 Creative ideas for Storing Shoes.

1. Wall-mounted fish shelf for shoes

2. In a wall niche

3. Round shoe cabinet that rotates

4. Storing shoes with elastic bands

5. Ladder for shoes

6. Hanger for boots

7. This is how you can store shoes with heels on towel racks

8. Shelves-hangers fixed on the doors

9. Shelves for shoes made of pipes

10. Containers for shoes

11. Wheel for storing shoes

12. And the easiest way is to hang on the hooks by the laces

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