DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room


The ideas for decorating and decorating an area together with your own hands, presented here, will delight nature lovers. They’re going to help bring a summer touch to the inside of the house.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

DIY home decor ideas using leaves 

A touch inspiration and in your hands garden flowers will become tapestries, a cut of a fallen tree will become a table, and from the collected leaves you’ll get a true work of art. You’ll need only simple blanks from the shop for creativity and natural material collected on the road.

When this tray isn’t used for serving tropical cocktails, it can simply decorate the table. Skillfully inserted into the resin, the leaves of the monstera revive its simple white surface.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Beautiful tropical style tray

If you favor rose petals than palm leaves, you’ll decorate the tray with flowers using an equivalent decorating technology.

Another creative tray decorated with petals and leaves 

To make such magnificent panels, first, dry the leaves between the pages of an outsized book.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Creative floral frames 

To embellish the house with a garland of dried flowers, you are doing not need a special dayyou’ll string any natural material on a thread: berries, leaves, and even cones.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Colorful flower garland for the bedroom made from a natural material

Leaves and flowers collected during a rehearse the summer forest or park, insert into minimalistic wooden frames. Attach the finished transparent panels to the pane, and sunlight will penetrate the space through them, as if through the foliage of real trees.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Wall-mounted mini terrariums

There are plants that don’t get to be watered. These are aerophytes – “air” plants that receive moisture from the atmosphere. they will be successfully used for original wall decoration. Take round magnetic cans, some gravel, moss and make your own wall mounted mini terrarium.

Even within the smallest apartment, there’s room for a pair of small cacti in egg racks. Simple white arable women are often revived by drawing funny faces on them with special paints for porcelain.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

The idea for decorating an area – arable women with cacti

Create an underwater garden in glass vases reception, and you’ll always watch the life inside. you’ll populate it with fish or become a pond with lilies.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Unusual idea home underwater garden

If you would like, being reception, to feel connected with nature, but don’t wish to look after plants, this tiny table made from wood is what you would like.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Little table made from wood

By collecting plants that are well preserved: eucalyptus, rose, lavender, yarrow – you’ll create garlands that will be pleasing to the attention all year round.

DIY Floral ideas For Decorating a Room

Tell your friends about these amazing decorative ideas, and also suggest your room decoration ideas within the comments.


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