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DIY Pallet Christmas Card Holder – Christmas DIY

Today I gonna show you how you can make your own Diy Pallet Christmas card holder with the very easy process in step by step you love this whole process.I am also showing you how you can turn this DIY pallet Christmas card holder shape into an amazing Christmas tree.So this project was full of fun now let get start our project

Materials I used for this project:

Staining Pads

Scrap pallet wood


Tape Measure



Circular Saw


First of all, cut the board with your own wish in my case I will use 3 feet, 5 board.


In the second step sketch your Christmas tree with the help tape and measure scale.

In the third step cut wood piece at the angle with the help of a circular saw.


Now it’s the fourth and final step in this step you will screw the wood 2,3 every wood piece.this is me use but you can also use wood glue instead of screwed

For your better guidance, I will post the whole process video I hope this video helps you a lot and also connect to our Youtube channel for more DIY video.

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